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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Interview: Labyrinth Entrance

In December last year, Polish one-man black metal band Labyrinth Entrance released its debut album, called Monumental Bitterness. DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed sole member Hunger.

Hey, congratulations with your debut album, Monumental Bitterness. It's a great debut!

Hello and thank you for your interest in the album and positive feedback.

How does it feel to have your debut album released?

This album is very personal to me, both musically and lyrically. I am glad that I was able to release it quickly, especially that its reception is a pleasant surprise.

Who inspired you to start making music and what are your influences nowadays?

The music at Monumental Bitterness was created under the influence of many emotions and negative experiences. I composed the album literally in a week. When it comes to inspiration, Dante Alighieri and his masterpiece, the Divine Comedy and paintings by Gustave Dore, which I used in the graphic layout of the album, they both had a big influence on the concept of the album. From the musical side, I did not draw inspiration from the outside. I have all the emotions that were sitting deep inside me translated into the sounds, regardless of the diversity of genres or styles in the songs. That is why the album is difficult to classify.

Labyrinth Entrance is a one-man band. How was the idea of Labyrinth Entrance formed?

As I mentioned above, the project was created in a natural way from the need to externalize the energy accumulated in my head.

Do you think of Labyrinth Entrance as being a one-man band forever or is that something that could change?

LE is a one-man project. Maybe in the future I will invite someone to cooperate, but they will be rather ornaments, accents.

For releasing your debut you signed to Godz Ov War Productions, what makes them the best label for Labyrinth Entrance at this moment?

With Greg from GoW I knew each other already because he is the publisher of Stillborn and he was the first person I asked for a review of the instrumental version. His very positive reaction gave me a kick to finish the album and release it in the form that hit the market. Greg is very professional in what he does. Cooperation with him is pure pleasure for me.

You're also part of the other bands Horror Of Naatu and Stillborn. In what way is Labyrinth Entrance different from those bands?

HorrorOfNaatu is my first solo project in which I compose all music and invite the drummer to cooperate. Right now I am recording the first full album with the new drummer and before I will release debut EP No Hope For No One first time on official CD. HON is classic oldschool death metal. In Stillborn, I'm a bass player. My job is to come out on the stage, fucking play for the Devil and not take prisoners.

When you create something, what makes you decide for which band it will be?

When composing works by HorrorOfNaatu, I focus exclusively on this genre and do not run into other regions, while creating LE music is already a long and very atmospheric journey, multi-threaded, without frames, without restrictions. These are two very different processes. With Labyrinth Entrance, I run my entire interior, HorrorOfNaatu is just death metal, an old solid punch.

Since Labyrinth Entrance is a one-man band, do you have plans for taking it to the stage? If yes, where and when will it take place?

Labyrinth Entrance is a studio project. I do not plan concerts.

Are you already working on new material? If yes, can you already tell us something about how it will be?

I already have almost everything for the next LE album ready to enter the studio this fall. It will be completely different from Monumental Bitterness because other emotions accompanied me in creating music. The songs that will hit this album are another important chapter of my life.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thanks for your interest in Labyrinth Entrance, it is possible to reach those who want to get to know my journey to hell.

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