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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Review: White Wizzard - Infernal Overdrive

In 2017, White Wizzard's bandleader/bassist Jon Leon announced the return of classic White Wizzard members Wyatt Anderson (vocals) and James J. LaRue (guitarist) to the band's lineup. They also signed with another label, M-Theory Audio. On January 12, 2018, the first White Wizzard album on this label was released. This album, entitled Infernal Overdrive, is White Wizzard's fourth full-length and is the successor of their 2013 album, The Devils Cut. Their music can be described as heavy metal with some prog-influences.

Even before you start listening to Infernal Overdrive the cover of this album, created by UK White Wizzard fan Christopher Hardy, promises a lot for this album. I can already tell you, that's deserved!

Immediately when Infernal Overdrive begins the band kicks in full throttle with the title track. Soon vocalist Wyatt clearly lets us know that he is also present. The energy immediately kicks into your body, this is very promising!

Something that is very noticeable and sounds really cool is the very present bass guitar. It's very clear to hear the difference between the bass guitar and the bass drum, which gives the music some sort of extra dimension. You can clearly hear the bass-strings blast, which gives a very nice sound. Luckily this maintains during the entire album.

Vocal-wise Wyatt Anderson shows a very strong voice with some extra emotion in it, because of his a bit raw sound. At a few moments he also let us hear that he can get pretty high with his voice, for example in Critical Mass and at the end of closing track The Illusion's Tears.

I guess that Critical Mass will be a killer song when played live. It has a pretty fast start, with also a bit slower, doomy part and the choruses are almost anthem-like.

Of course guitarist James J. LaRue can't be unmentioned when talking about some very positive peaks on Infernal Overdrive, because he shows that he is a very great guitarist. You can't deny that after listening to this album. Besides the great riffing, James also gives us quite some solo's which are, piece by piece, very nice. Some examples of these which are very worth checking out are in Voyage Of The Wolf (a bit oriental-sounding), Metamorphosis and The Illusion's Tears.

Logically, this all can't be possible without a drummer and that's why drummer Dylan Marks shows that he is the very solid, strong backbone of White Wizzard. In Metamorphosis he gets some extra space to show his skills, which he of course takes in a very great way.

The last, and longest, track on Infernal Overdrive is The Illusion's Tears, which is a perfect closing track of a perfect album that you definitely don't want to miss. Here White Wizzard shows us what they are able to for one last time.

Apart from the fantastic music on this album, Infernal Overdrive is also produced in a really good way. Everything sounds pretty intense and clear, but it definitely doesn't sound overproduced.

In the end, the many promises based on the cover and the titletrack definitely came true. White Wizzard's Infernal Overdrive is a very energetic, perfect heavy metal album with some prog-influences which gives it some nice variations.

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

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