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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Review: NMAC - Split Second

"Nu-Metal is dead, long live Nu-Metal" it says on top of the short biography of NMAC in their press kit. So, what's the case? Is Nu-Metal dead or not? To be honest the sentence they used perfectly summarizes NMAC. I will get back to this at the end of this review.

For now: Who are NMAC? Andy (vocals), Fedor, Ingo (both guitar), Max (bass) and Andy (drums) are five guys from Cologne, Germany. Together they form the band that was founded at the end of 2016 and they play, you probably already guessed it, Nu-Metal. NMAC released their first EP, First Strike, in March 2017. Now, First Strike has a successor, an EP titled Split Second, released on February 10.

Split Second contains five tracks and an outro with an instrumental interlude in between. Opener Inside/Outside starts with a typical guitar sound as an intro which is repeated a few times in this track. After the intro NMAC is unleashed and grooving drums, heavy guitars and a funky, heavy bass-sound can be heard. Vocal-wise we get to hear clean vocals as well as growls. At some moments these vocals are brought in a very filthy way as in, for example, some moments of Allegiance. Personally I dig Andy's growls a bit more than his clean vocals, but that is a matter of taste, because both are of good quality. Sometimes Andy even proofs that he is also able to rap a bit, for example in the more nu-metal-like Battle Ready.

After the first three tracks it is time for the instrumental interlude, entitled Diverse EXXXtreme. This interlude almost sounds like reggae with some added electro-sounds.

With the next, and last, two tracks, Detached and Bulldozer, NMAC again goes crazy. While Detached is more standing out because of its tempo-changes, Bulldozer is a very strong track with a highly energetic intro. I guess this track will be killer during live shows, what an energy comes off of this one! After Andy sung "Get out of the way bitch, move!" the audience can go completely crazy screaming "Move!"

After Bulldozer it is time for the outro of Split Second. This outro is pretty much going towards hip hop and is called Trendkill Trinity.

Is Nu-Metal dead or not? That is the question I promised to get back at. I don't think that Nu-Metal is dead, but I do think that it has changed. NMAC for sure makes that clear on Split Second. During listening to this EP you will probably get a bit of a nostalgic '90s-feeling at some times, but it is brought to you wrapped in a modern cover. That's why the aforementioned sentence "Nu-Metal is dead, long live Nu-Metal" perfectly summarizes NMAC. Good job!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

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