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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Review: Moker - Home Invader

A little while before I wrote Promoting Bands Part 3 I got to hear the music of the Belgian metallers of Moker, which was a reason for mentioning them in that part of Promoting Bands. At that moment this extremely heavy band had already released 1 split (with Outcast) and 3 albums (Translating The Pain (2007), Total Domination (2009), Satans Den (2014)). You can listen to Satans Den in the aforementioned Promoting Bands. A while later, in Promoting Bands Part 11, I again mentioned Moker. This time it was because of their upcoming album, Home Invader. A track of that album, Held Hostage, can be heard in that part of Promoting Bands. Since December 2nd last year, Home Invader is released. Let me already tell you for now, this is another album that hits like a sledgehammer coming from Ad de Wachter (vocals), Dirk Broeren (guitar), Michael Lemmens (guitar), Kenneth Keysers (bass) and Glenn Leuckx (drums).

While Home Invader is only 33 minutes long, this still is an album you have to recover from. It all starts with an intro titled Emergency Call. Emergency Call is very tension-building and works very well as an intro. It immediately drags you in this album and won't let you go for the coming 33 minutes.

From the moment that Emergency Call ends, these Belgian guys kick in heavily. Especially the rhythm-section is blasting very loud. You don't like pounding drums? Then this album won't be for you, because Glenn Leuckx's drums are literally pounding through your bones.

Vocal-wise Ad de Wachter is responsible for the generally extremely low grunts, sometimes a bit higher screams or a bunch of pigsqueals in for example Code 417. Code 417 is a track worth mentioning anyway. It is a very heavy track, as you would expect on an album like this, but Code 417 has something different compared to the other tracks. To be more specific: it has the only real resting point of the entire album at its end in the form of a quiet but creepy outro. While this is a transition between two extremes, this transition sounds very natural and logical.

Of course Moker's music also contains guitars. While Moker plays brutal death metal, Home Invader for sure has some special moments for the guitar in the form of some very nice solo's. Two examples of these are the solo's in Throat Snatcher and The Act Of Lacerating.

The production of Home Invader is also done very nicely. The music is of course, very brutal and pounding, but everything is very clearly audible. This, in combination with the variations in rhythm and tempo, makes Home Invader interesting and not turning into a boring wall of sound. For sure some details, like the guitarsolo's, are also part reason of this.

With Home Invader Moker again delivers a very nice album that no brutal death metal fan should miss. Home Invader is heavy, loud, brutal and very interesting. Great job, Moker!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

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