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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Review: Metaprism - Catalyst To Awakening

The UK-based melodic metalband Metaprism has, after their formation in 2012, released their debut album, called The Human Encryption, in 2015. This was one of the things that brought them to the stage of Wacken Open Air in that same year. Now, since January 26th, Metaprism has a successor of The Human Encryption out. This successor is entitled Catalyst To Awakening. The band consists of guitar-combo Ollie Roberts/Callum Downing, bassist Matt Hudson, drummer James Clarke and vocal duo Theresa Smith/Joey Draper.

After the quiet intro called The Awakening, Metaprism goes full throttle with Codex Regius. Metaprism lets us hear clearly that their music is very heavy, but maintains very melodic at the same time. Besides that a lot of variation can be found in this album, instrumentally as well as vocally. That is what makes Catalyst To Awakening so interesting. It makes you not wanting to miss anything of this album, right from the beginning.

Instrumentally there are some heavier parts and some less heavy parts, with the almost ballad-like Aftermath standing out on the non-heavy side. There are also a lot of different rhythms and tempos audible on Catalyst To Awakening. The always strong and solid rhythm-section guides everything perfectly and with many solo's to be found there is also plenty of space for the guitar. Check for example the solo in Anomalous II Ghost Of Asylum, really nice!

The main source of variation on Catalyst To Awakening is probably vocal-wise, partly by the fact of Metaprism having two vocalists in their lineup. The female vocals of Theresa Smith and the male vocals of Joey Draper complement each other perfectly to a fantastic match. Besides the vocals coming from two different voices, there also is the variation in the vocal styles. Whether it is clean vocals or growls, both can be heard on Catalyst To Awakening. The voice of Theresa Smith sounds very relaxing and is very nice to listen to. She also shows us that she's able to sing a bit higher, for example in Incarcerate. Joey Draper's voice is a bit rawer, also when he sings clean vocals.

With their second album Catalyst To Awakening, Metaprism delivers a very great album. The many variations on this album makes that it turned out very great with the many vocal variations as a definite peak! This album of Metaprism is surely worth checking out. Of course that applies to melodic metal fans, but to be honest I would recommend everyone who enjoys the heavier kinds of music to at least check it.

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

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