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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Live review: Amsterdam Metalfest at Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 19th, 2018

On May 19th, at 16:00h the Melkweg in Amsterdam opens its doors for a lot of time filled with nice metal under the banner of Amsterdam Metalfest!

Around 16:30h the first band begins. The groovy drums of Yuma van Eekelen and intense shout of Pieter Verpaalen are clearly audible, Onegodless has started their set! Where the energy and enthusiasm seemed to be missing for a bit during the first track, this luckily appears very soon during the rest of their set. Onegodless sounds very heavy which, in combination with some very nice solos of guitarist Yordi Lopez, delivers a heavy, nice start of Amsterdam Metalfest. A few people in the audience that is already inside are visibly enjoying themselves, but it seems some people also need some more time for going crazy.

For today's second band Amsterdam Metalfest is a hometown-show, the Amsterdam-based band For I Am King. Only guitarist Koen Scheepens isn't hailing from Amsterdam, which soon results in vocalist Alma Alizadeh calling him Brabo-Koen. For I Am King delivers a very tight set with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, with as a definite peak frontwoman Alma, who of course also delivers some very nice vocals. The energy coming off of their show also results in the first moshpit of today. A kid which was sitting on, probably, his father's shoulders who was very enthusiastic right from the start gets an invite to the stage by Alma. After this he also gets his first crowdsurf across the venue and when Alma announces a second time of crowdsurfing, he lets Alma know that he prefers to see a wall of death. So, he of course gets what he asked for and a wall of death appears!

After For I Am King left the stage and it has been prepared for the next band, it's time for today's most brutal band, Hideous Divinity! Continually pounding drums, heavy guitars and low grunts with sometimes a bit higher shouts is what Hideous Divinity stands for. At the start of their set the vocals are a little bit difficult to hear, but this luckily changes after their first two tracks, especially where it comes to the very low grunts. So, is Hideous Divinity just a heavy wall of sound? Yes and no. For sure the heavy, loud, extreme pounding sounds are the main part of their music, but it also is very clear that they thought about their tracks and their music also contains some very nice guitar solos. It for sure is a miracle that the Melkweg is still existing after this set and Amsterdam Metalfest doesn't have to be canceled because of a destroyed venue.

That would be a shame, because this edition of Amsterdam Metalfest is only halfway through and there will be another three nice bands upcoming.

Luckily the Melkweg isn't destroyed and Amsterdam Metalfest isn't canceled, so it is time for the guys and girl of The Charm The Fury to start their hometown-show. They also play a very energetic show, which is heating up the audience once more. The results of this energy are multiple moshpits, a few crowdsurfers and quite a big wall of death. The Charm The Fury delivers a very solid show and based on the many people going crazy, there are a lot of The Charm The Fury fans inside today's venue. Very nice show!

After The Charm The Fury, it's time for Obscura to let us hear their set. Are there also fans of more complex guitars and bass-sounds combined with loud metal present today? Based on the sound that the audience is producing when the guys of Obscura are starting their set, there sure are! Honestly, I have to say I only listened a few tracks by Obscura before, but this show is quite a pleasant surprise for me personally. These guys combine loud metal with some more quiet, progressive parts with nice, complex (bass-)guitar parts, without getting too technical and irritating. Obscura plays a very tight set, which results in most of the audience audible and visibly being happy with this set. The band members aren't moving very much during their show, but this probably is because of Obscura's instrumentation. However, this for sure isn't causing problems to their show.

After Obscura's set, the end of Amsterdam Metalfest is already nearby, but not before today's headliner have played their show. It's a very nice headliner! None less than the Italians of Fleshgod Apocalypse! When I saw their show in Doornroosje, Nijmegen last year I was very pleasantly surprised. This band delivered a perfect show and they do so again tonight in Amsterdam's Melkweg. A month ago these Italians had to cancel a few shows because they were robbed in Sweden. However, it is impossible to stop Fleshgod Apocalypse and they let us know that they continue giving phenomenal shows. The costumes and the atmosphere of a Fleshgod Apocalypse show could almost be compared to a scene coming off a 17th century-painting like Rembrandt's De Nachtwacht and their music is a perfect combination of epic and brutal. The audience goes crazy for one last time and the kid who joined For I Am King on stage also gets invited on stage by Fleshgod Apocalypse vocalist Francesco Paoli and even gets a photo with them at the end of the set. Fleshgod Apocalypse showed that they are a perfect headliner and closer of this very nice edition of Amsterdam Metalfest.

Written by Tim van Velthuysen, photos by John van der Zee

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