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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Interview: Warfist

In 2016, we already reviewed Warfist's Metal To The Bone album (here). Now, since January these Polish metallers have a new split released together with fellow Poles Excidium, called Laws Of Perversion & Filth. DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed Warfist.

Hey, congratulations with your latest release, a split together with Excidium called Laws Of Perversion & Filth. It sounds great!

Hellz! Thank you very much! Really appreciate your opinion. We did our best.

How are the reactions you get on it so far?

The feedback has been pretty good. So far, we have only been receiving reviews that rate the release as at least good. Some people complain a little bit about the sound, but you can never satisfy everyone, can’t you? As I said, we did our best to make this split be worth the attention. Moreover, the Excidium guys did a hell of a good job there as well. This is a pure punch between the eyes! That’s what we’ve always wanted from blackened thrash metal and it seems that Excidium are on the same page.

When comparing Warfist with Excidium, what is it you notice? And what made them the best band for this split?

Well, I’ve known this band for more than a decade now. Heard about them here and there, had a chance to listen to some of their songs… I’ve always enjoyed their music. It was Greg of Godz Ov War who told us that they have four new songs and could be a great match for the split release. Once he had sent me these tracks, I thought: “Hell yeah, let’s get this machine going!”. When comparing us to them, I can see a similar attitude towards creating music and I think admiration to the same bands. Our bands are both into the old school metal and it’s good to know that there are more and more bands that want to hold this banner high! Cheers!

When you compare your tracks on this split with your 2016 album Metal To The Bone, what is it you notice?

The split songs have a more of a rock’n’roll vibe to them. We decided to go back to our roots, by which I mean the times before the full-length debut album. I’m not saying that they’re a regress in comparison to Metal to the Bone. They’re just different, made with a different, more laidback attitude. Additionally, we also decided to re-record one of the demo-era songs, Sadistic Whorefuck. It’s still one of our favorite songs of Warfist and we’ve been playing it live for a long time.

How did the writing process of your tracks go?

It wasn’t much different from the way we’ve been doing it since the beginning. I bring the riffs and then we put them all together into a song. Although, as I said, this time the attitude was a little bit chilled-out. You know, the songs weren’t made for a full-length, so we thought to ourselves, why not try reviving the old spirits? I think that’s the main difference between this stuff and the rest of our most recent releases.

Your last song is a cover of Dodheimsgard's Angel Death. What made you decide to do a cover of this specific track?

We wanted to make a cover song for this release, but we didn’t want it to be anything obvious like old school thrash or heavy bands. Dodheimsgard is one of those bands that loved to change their style on every album. This is why it’s so difficult to put them into one metal subgenre. However, their Monumental Possession is really killer. Who cares if it was made because of a trend, which was being born at that time or not. This album has some very good songs and Angel Death is one of them. It’s blackened thrash metal, although made with a specific vibe. I don’t know what drugs were they taking back then and maybe because of that it was so difficult to record this song, especially the vocals 😉

In January Warfist and bass player Wrath parted ways. What was the reason for this and what's your view on this?

We’ve decided that we’re not going to discuss this matter in public. We have a new live bass player, Nechrist of Taran. We’ve played three live shows with him so far and they were damn good. So for those who have been worried about our condition after Wrath’s departure – we’re not giving up and we’re stronger than ever.

You've already announced two Polish shows, can we expect more Warfist shows in the near future? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel these shows, as we speak. Our drummer got injured and there was no way for him to play the drums for some days. We’re not thinking about more live shows, for the time being. We would like to focus on recording the songs for the third full-length. However, I think we may play one or two shows before summer holidays, but it’s too soon to reveal more details. It would be awesome to come to The Netherlands one day, man! Perhaps after the release of the third album we’re going to try and organize some gigs in the Western Europe, but time will tell.

Are you already working on new material? If so, can you already tell us something about it?

The new material has actually been finished. The creating process, I mean. We have ten brand new songs. The album will be a concept about the history of Zielona Góra. There will be some grim and terrifying stories from our hometown, which include serial killers, cannibalism, wars, witchburning, etc. As for the musical direction, it’s still METAL!!! However, this time we’ve decided to go a little bit outside of the blackened thrash frame and there will be some more influences, which you haven’t heard before in our music. I think the new stuff may surprise some people. The plan is to record it in late July and release it at the beginning of 2019.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thank you for the interview and your support. I hope there will be a chance to chat about the third album. METAL TO THE BONE!!!

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