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Friday, May 11, 2018

Interview: Towers & Bridges

Recently the German metalcore band Towers & Bridges released their new EP, called Spirits, which was a reason for DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen to interview them.

Congratulations with your new EP, Spirits. It sounds great!

Thanks for listening and for your kind words. We’re glad that you like it!

How are the reactions you get on it so far?

There are mainly positive reactions, when we’re talking to people or on social media. We also got reviews in some magazines, which are a little bit more differentiated and these weren’t bad too.

You play metalcore, what makes Towers & Bridges stand out in the metalcore subgenre?

For a metalcore band, everyone knows it’s very hard to stand out of the masses today. But our musical DNA has some classical metal in it, so we try to include such influences. I also think that our singer Antun, has a strong and unique voice, especially his melodic singing.

When you compare Spirits with your earlier EP, Breakwaters (2015), what is it you notice?

Looking on Breakwaters it feels like an absolute different life. We were all total noobs regarding making a studio record. With Spirits it was the first time recording with the current line-up and our perception for the sound was much clearer. So Breakwaters was a very important learning process, what we want and what not.

You recently signed to Dedication Records, what makes them the best label for Towers & Bridges at this moment?

Dedication Records is led by very enthusiastic people and making money isn’t their main focus. As a small band like we are, this helps a lot to get our music to the people and we don’t have to sign obscure contracts or something like this.
Our main goal is growing together through supporting each other.

You also did a cover of Kendrick Lamar's Humble. Why did you choose this track to do a cover of?

We are all into different kinds of music and Antun loves rap music. He always wanted to do a cover of such a famous song.

You are already working on your first full-length, right? Can you already tell us something about how it's going to be?

At the moment we’re in the songwriting process, but we already began to do the vocal pre-production for some songs. If you’re totally in the working process, like we are at this time, it’s hard to get distance to it and to say something objective. But my feeling is, that some songs are going to be more complex, regarding the structure. And the heavy parts will be heavier and the melodic ones more catchy. So overall maybe a little bit more of everything.

You hail from Munich. How is the metalscene there?

Munich has a lot of good bands playing different styles of metal and there is a good vibe among the scene. But sometimes it’s hard to do shows here, because there are so many bands, that you have two or even three shows at the same evening, so the audience is spread over the different clubs.
The Backstage and the Feierwerk are such great venues here, their work is so important for Munich. Without them small bands would have much less opportunities playing shows.

Any bands from Munich you recommend listening to?

Sure, you should check out May The Tempest, Heruin, Into Oblivion and Tonight We Hunt.

You already announced a gig on RockXplosion in July. Can we expect some more Towers & Bridges shows soon? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

I hope so! Playing in the Netherlands would be an absolute dream coming true! We never played outside of Germany yet. On the other hand it isn’t always easy to get out of here. We all need to do our jobs and some of us are going to start a family or already have a child at home.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thanks for reading and for your time. If you appreciate bands like Unearth, Killswitch Engage or Stick To Your Guns, you should give a try and check out our EP SPIRITS on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, etc.

Towers & Bridges Official Website
Towers & Bridges Facebook

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