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Friday, April 6, 2018

Interview: Titans Fall Harder

Last year the French metallers of Titans Fall Harder released their debut EP, called Evolve. In January this year, they released their new single, called Machine World. DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed Titans Fall Harder, read it below!

Hey, congratulations with your last year released debut EP Evolve and the more recently released single Machine World, both are really nice!

Thank you!

Titans Fall Harder is a relatively new band, can you tell us something about the short history of the band and how Titans Fall Harder came together?

Well, at the very beginning Titans Fall Harder was created in the fall of 2015 with the meeting of Eliott Tordo (keyboards), Matthieu Mervant (guitars) who were already working together on another project, and Niels Quiais (drums). We worked together on a demo and quickly found Stéphane Hacquard (bass) and Clément Casagrande (vocals). Both were funny but great encounters. We then decided to work on our EP Evolve and so on! That was the very beginning of Titans Fall Harder.

You combine a lot of different styles in your music, how would you describe it to someone who haven't heard it before?

When we are writing new songs, we don’t really take care about the music style, we just want to create something related to our universe. We could describe ourselves as a ‘sci-fi metal band’ because that’s the only thing that link our songs. We add orchestral, electronic, metal, movie soundtrack stuff in our music so it is a mix of everything as long as it belongs to our music universe.

Who are Titans Fall Harder's musical influences?

We have several influences, it depends on the side of the music we focus on. For example, instrumental parts are really based on modern metal bands like Gojira, Dagoba, Meshuggah, After The Burial, but sound designs and orchestrations are more influenced by bands like Septicflesh, The Algorythm, Fleshgod Apocalypse or video games soundtracks and especially Mick Gordon's DOOM one. We are also very influenced by film soundtracks such as the ones from Star Wars, Matrix, Alien, Blade Runner and Mad Max.

Since there is a lot to be heard in your music, how does the writing/recording process go in Titans Fall Harder?

As you noticed there is a lot of elements in our music so we have to be very disciplined if we want to be efficient and creative. Most of the time, Eliott begins the process with concept ideas, atmosphere or a guitar riff. Then with Matthieu they work on the structures and riffs of the songs. We all give them feedbacks and when the song is accepted by everyone, we all work on arrangements in order to give the song a particular feeling. Finally, when everything is written we begin the production process.

Your music is very heavy but also a bit atmospheric sometimes, especially due to the added electronic sounds. How do you find the perfect balance in this?

We usually try to write our music as something living and full of shade, so we add orchestrations, including electro stuff, at specific and chosen moments of our songs. We don’t think that we found the perfect balance because some bands like Gojira are giving those same emotions without using so much stuff but now it belongs to our music style so we want to assume and improve it. For the future we want to add more sound designs to our songs in order to go further in the science fiction theme.

When you compare last year's EP Evolve with the new single Machine World, what is it you notice?

It’s really hard to compare them both. Evolve was made nearly two years ago, at this moment we were still wondering about what kind of music we wanted to play, now this EP is not really corresponding to what the band wants to become. With Machine World we wanted to give our fans something more actual about our music, but then we realize that our future records won’t be like that. Therefore, Machine World was more a kind of music and video experimentation than a real taste ofwhat will be the future of our music.

It all sounds very epic and energetic, how do you transform this to the stage when performing live?

You said the main word: energetic. At this time, we don’t have the live setup that we need to give a real science fiction atmosphere during our concerts so we focus everything on the feeling, the connection and the crazy atmosphere between the crowd and us. We worked a lot on our motions, on the best way to make the crowd following us in our universe. We transform all the song’s samples for concerts and we only keep the most useful VST in order to focus on real instruments. We rehearse a lot so we are trying to give the public the most authentic version of our songs in an intense way.

Speaking about live shows, you already announced two shows in April. Can we expect some more Titans Fall Harder shows in the near future? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

Of course! We will add a few shows for this year especially some really cool support gigs (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Promethee…) but we also are in an intense writing process at the moment. So now we are focused on our future projects but keeping a real booking activity the same time is really hard. In order to answer your question, we won’t come to the Netherlands at the moment but be sure that we are looking for some ways to go abroad and especially in Europe. We would be more than happy if it could happen!

Already working on any new material?

Yes we are currently working on some cool stuff! We began to play live since the beginning of 2017, that’s not so old but now we all have the feeling that Evolve needs to have a “sequel” with a new story and an upgraded music. I won’t tell you anything else but stay tuned, it can come really soon!

Can you already tell us something about it?

I can already tell you that it’s gonna be really heavy!

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

The support and feedback from everyone means a lot to us so feel free to listen to our music and give us your feedback, we need it! Thanks a lot for your questions!

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