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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Interview: Horrorscope

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Last year, the Silesia, Poland-based thrash metallers of Horrorscope released their 6th full length album, called Altered Worlds Practice. DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen spoke with Horrorscope's Krzysztof 'Xycho' Kłosek (bass) and Lech 'Blackpitfather' Śmiechowicz (guitar) as you can read below.

Hey Krzysztof and Lech, how are you?

Krzysztof: Well, I'm fine, evening chill out with something to drink.

Lech: Thanks I'm fine , just back home from 12h work today.

Congratulations with your latest album, Altered Worlds Practice, I really like it!

Krzysztof: Nice to hear that, thanks.

Lech: Thank you very much, you like that stuff?

Yeah, I do.

Lech: It is our 6th full length regular album but in fact we even have a demo from `98 too, but don't try to listen to it, please, haha. It was eons of time ago and we were young and inexperienced haha.

Okay, just discovered Horrorscope with this album.

Lech: Fine, this is a better option for your ears.

You come from Silesia, Poland, what does the Silesia-region mean for you?

Krzysztof: It's the most industrial region in Poland.

Lech: It's rather industrial and the biggest agglomeration in Poland I think, lots of people, including us, are just living here.

Krzysztof: That's why hard work is in our blood.

Lech: Maybe yes, but we are not miners, you know. Hard work is inscribed in thrash metal, because of really hard practice and some technical skills I think.

But do you see Horrorscope more as a Silesian band or as a Polish band?

Krzysztof: It's not an easy question. Our region has a difficult history.

Lech: Yes, you're right. Rather Silesian, but we are a Polish band for sure. We are proud of that, man!

Krzysztof: Exactly.

Lech: This area is deeply touched by WWII and some animosity.

Krzysztof: We have Polish, German and Czech roots, for that reason the people here in Silesia are more open minded that the rest of our country for sure.

Lech: Between citizens, Silesia was always used and torn apart politically, but today is digital society era, so we are talking online and I hope there will be no borders and no fights anymore.

So, just for me understanding it the right way. You are a Polish band, but very proud of the Silesia region?

Krzysztof: Exactly! This is our mark like the Bay Area in the USA.

Lech: I like this comparison too, we like the Bay Area thrashers kingdom.

I understand that.

What makes Horrorscope unique in the thrash metal genre?

Krzysztof: Thrash for us is the root, but we like crossing the borders. We like visiting death, heavy and many other styles and mixing them in our Horrorscope style.

Lech: I don't know, it's you who should hear the difference in music, am I right? I think we are doing our best as musicians and as a band. Radical thrashing machine - we used to describe our music like that, you know...

It definitely sounds nice for sure!

Lech: It sounds just like a real band because it's live sound. No VST plugins and no Kemper profiler were used during the recording sessions.

You also have a guest musician doing a solo on the track Parallel Worlds Practice, Sergio Klein. How was working with him?

Krzysztof: He's a great guitarist, a great guy and a friend of us, so it was a pure pleasure for us.

Lech: We've been in contact about cooperation, many times we've met at the gigs and we've shared one stage. We've known each other since he joined The Outside so it is a longtime friendship.

As the last track on your album you have a cover of Entombed's Wolverine Blues. Why did you choose to do a cover of this track?

Krzysztof: Because it's a nice piece of shit. We all like Entombed.

Lech: I think it's just a tribute and respect for the Swedish cult band, and we really enjoy performing this song live and at the rehearsals.

Krzysztof: We had recorded thrash and heavy metal band covers in the past. The next in line was a death metal band cover and we've done it.

But any particular reason for this track?

Lech: We were having fun doing this.

Krzysztof: It's more a rock 'n roll song than a death metal track. That's the reason, I think.

Lech: This track is more heavy and ironically fits to the rest of our songs.

Krzysztof: It's a good song, finally.

Lech: We are kind of rock 'n roll too, but more heavy or on speed.

The artwork of Altered Worlds Practice is made by Natalia Jonderko. What made her the best person for this job?

Krzysztof: She's a very talented person who is close to the band and understands our ideas.

That can be seen for sure indeed.

Lech: We were working conceptually with all illustrations, and she was doing old school type sketches, you should see some reports from this work. We shared the making of, have you seen it yet?

No, haven't seen it, but will do soon for sure.

Lech: You're welcome, you can check it out here.

Last year Horrorscope existed for 20 years, how do you look back at those years?

Krzysztof: Well... all of us had their better or worse days but... We like the way we've chosen, the music we play.

Lech: Now we are adults, but with the same metal in our veins.

Krzysztof: Exactly!!

Lech: For many years we've been trying to build a solid brand, we make our music desperately and honestly.

Krzysztof: Everybody and everything is changing, but the main goal is still the same.

Lech: The music scene and business is changing, everything is different but we play our music with ever greater passion and experience. What we do now is better and mature, also from the production side and sound of the band.

And what is the most memorable Horrorscope-moment so far for you?

Krzysztof: Every new album is one of the favourite moments but also every gig - especially the gigs with our metal idols like Megadeth, Testament, Flotsam and Jetsam.

Lech: Hahaha yes, there were 6 even 7 most memorable but, from a different view we also had some funny moments too.

Can you tell something about those funny moments?

Krzysztof: Better not. The funniest moments weren't linked to alcohol every time.

Lech: I remember how the mother tape was destroyed during the recording on the old equipment, it was before 2000. Now it's funny but it wasn't at that time. A little scary but it's a fact so... We straightened the crashed mother's tape, that died before recording the guitars.

Lech: There was a concert on which I fell off the stage and the guys were looking for me, they did not know what was happening. I disappeared.


Lech: The smoke generator was working and I didn't saw the end of the stage. So I fell, but nothing bad happened, my guitar was saved, I was not, haha.

Nice to hear nothing bad happened. Talking about the future then. What's on Horrorscope's wishlist for the future that you haven't done before?

Krzysztof: Well... You had to ask about that 10 years ago. But seriously speaking, we have some ideas. However, now we're concentrating on gigs and the promotion of Altered Worlds Practice.

Lech: We will plan a concert with Exodus and Iced Earth and then we want to successively get ready for the next new album and at the same time doing regular shows as always. We like these moves.

Sounds interesting. Since you already exist for quite some time, do you have any advice for young and starting bands?

Lech: The best advice is to be yourself and do what you feel, do not listen to business advice. Honesty, respect and team work is working.

Krzysztof: Go on, keep thrashing, make the music you like, be yourself, practice your skills and someday you'll finish it all.

You already announced some shows in Poland and two festivals in Germany and Czech Republic. Any chance of more Horrorscope shows? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

Lech: We'd like to play in the Netherlands one day. It is about some plans maybe, we are really into those shows.

Would be awesome seeing you play here.

Krzysztof: So we're waiting for an invitation, we often play in Germany, so it is a small distance to visit The Netherlands.

Lech: Would be great, yes. Let's try to work on it. You have supposedly the best fresh milk there. I would like to convince myself.

Would be nice! Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Krzysztof: Well... Support small bands, not only the major ones, go to the gigs, not only watch Youtube. Buy CD's and other merchandise, because the bands need your support.

Lech: Listen to Horrorscope and we invite you to gigs, maybe in Holland I hope too. Nie rozkazuj kurwa! Haha (it was a joke :) )

Krzysztof: Yeah, maybe one day we'll meet together in front of the stage and drink some beer or something.

Lech: Milk. It would be a great pleasure for us.

Krzysztof: Yep.

Would be nice! Thanks for your answers!

Krzysztof: Thank you Tim!

Lech: Thank you, pleasure on our side, thanks for your interest in our music. Respect all metal maniacs.

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