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Monday, March 19, 2018

Review: Driven By Impact - Driven By Impact

In 2015, five guys from Germany got the idea of starting a new band. This band got the name Driven By Impact and they play, as they say themselves, a mix of melodic-, death-, groove- and thrash-metal. The line-up of Driven By Impact is drummer Roman Rowinski, vocalist Eugen Rutz, bassist Constantin Christ and guitarist-combo Kim van Geel and Jens Schäfer. In July last year, these five guys released their self-titled debut EP.

After a mysterious, tension-raising intro, titled Prologue, Driven By Impact immediately unleashes with Building Fear. In the first moments a few things are already standing out, an example being the hyperactive drums with a nice, very intense sound. The guitars are also very present with a very nice sound. You'll also hear some very great solo's! Driven By Impact sounds angry and brutal, but also has its moments with some melody shining through their music. The fifth track, Experience In Red, could even be called atmospheric at times, even while that certainly isn't what you would expect at the beginning of the track.

That being said this brings us to another point of why this debut EP by Driven By Impact is that interesting: the many variations on it. These variations certainly don't sound forced and they will take care of your focus staying with the music for 100%. This for sure is necessary, because a little bit of distraction can make you miss some things of this EP. Especially because of these many variations, but also because of the many subtle details in their music, it is clear that these guys are very good in what they're doing. They also deliver their music with a huge dose of energy.

All together, Driven By Impact delivers a very strong EP, especially for it being a debut EP. In my opinion this for sure is a band to watch in the future. Getting so many variations in this EP within 25 minutes without sounding forced is something which I think is great. Make sure to listen to this debut EP of these German guys, because it's definitely worth it!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

Driven By Impact Official Website
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