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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Interview: Deathproof

After their 2011 debut release Abuse, Spanish thrash/groove metallers Deathproof are back with their second full-length album called Evolve Or Die. It is released worldwide since November 24th last year through Art Gates Records. DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen recently interviewed them as you can read below.

Hey, congratulations with your new album, Evolve Or Die. It's really nice!

Thank you!

What is it that makes Deathproof unique?

Manu (guitar): I think it's the amount of music we eat. We are huge music fans, and the main thing we try to approach is to like our music. We do this for ourselves. We are not only into metal but into music.

When you compare the new album to your first album, Abuse (2011), what is it you notice?

Busi (bass): It is a whole different band, by the way I am the only remaining member from that time. Life things made band members come and go, but we managed to get this record out with a solid band team. I think this record has similar aggression, attitude and forcefulness Abuse had, but we allowed ourselves to go further in experimenting with, letting ourselves going more organic, creating scenarios and forgetting about what people suppose is going to happen musically.

How did the writing/recording process of Evolve Or Die go?

Dani (vocals/guitar): It was an amazing time for us. We enclosed ourselves into the rehearsal room for maybe 3 months with our producer Raúl Abellán who helped us a lot. All of us write and have ideas for these and that, but the songs got to another level working with him. We worked so well in our rehearsal room we barely spent 2 weeks at the studio.

Evolve Or Die is mixed and produced by Raúl Abellán, what made him the perfect one for this job?

Manu: Raúl is a music freak, so are we. I mean, as we said earlier, we want to put out music we would like to hear and Raúl gave us the keys to really find our sound by letting us be ourselves and enjoy our music. It doesn´t have to be always complicated to be good. The main thing is that he is one of us now, we ended up being friends and sharing time together.

For this album you signed to Art Gates Records, what made them the best label for Deathproof at this moment?

Kevin (drums): They are hard workers. The knowledge they have and the caring about the bands, at least about us, is remarkable. Wherever we are, we wouldn´t be able to get here without them. They showed interest about us since they hear one of our songs so I guess they were the right people to work with.

Recently your guitarist Isma parted ways with Deathproof due to personal reasons. How do you feel about this?

Dani: Yes, it wasn´t easy. He was involved in the process and he left the band because he wasn´t happy with it. We wish him the best, but honestly it was the best decision for both parts, us and him.

Does this mean Deathproof will continue as a quartet or will he be replaced?

Manu: Right now, we don´t feel like looking for a new band member, so we will keep things rolling with Dani who is also a markable guitar player. Right now we all live nearby each other, so we will be closer to band´s issues and stuff.

Can we expect some Deathproof shows soon? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

Busi: We will go everywhere. There is no place we won´t go if we can, and even if we can´t, we will try.

Already plans for any new material or not?

Kevin: We are constantly writing. We have new stuff of course, but it is still too soon to talk about it. Right now we are on Evolve Or Die mood. But yes, there is new stuff, and it sounds killer.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Get Evolve or Die, or latest album in the following links: Code7, PHD, TWS, AGR Online (Hoy BlackFriday), iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.

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