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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Review: Serenade - Onirica

A powerful mix of symphonic and goth metal, the band from North Italy (Padova, my last name, namesake!) of Claudia: vocals, Filippo: guitars, Alberto: guitars, Dario: bass and Leonardo: drums astound and pound the stuffing’s out of you with this record.

"To Serve Society With (Our) Their Metal” is a wonderful sentiment from their FB page and that they do, possibly sending people to chiropractors from all the headbanging as a result of their graciously played metal tunes. The hauntingly vocalized intro Insomnia and leading into the speedy When Darkness Will Fall are testaments to that, hard-driving music with ghostly wonderful vox – what a range!

Kill Your Pain is another riff laden, keyboard-haunted number that rocks nicely with flowing harmonies and more excellent voice. Following is my favourite, Hold Me Back with a deceptively smooth slow intro and then crashing wall of sound at about 00:54...devastating!

Their interesting choice for an 8:39 venture Luceafarul, a gothic sojourn into the lengthy poem Lucifer or actually Evening Star by Mihai Eminescu, is supremely well done, soulfully sung and a fantastic job setting this lengthy poem to music.

Personally, too much of the operatic overtones is not my thing, but this has several songs on my mixtape already. The remainder of this delivers in all sorts of ways, and puts itself into the march of female fronted heavy metal. Again it’s all filed under “M” for me, but if this charge needs to be led, by all means, step up.

There is no mistaking the talent here and while the image and sound is that of some already at the front of the lines, they have a more distinctive look and artistry which will certainly do well to set them apart.


Written by Alessandro

Serenade Official Website
Serenade Facebook

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