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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Review: Sisters Of Suffocation - Anthology Of Curiosities

Dutch all-girl extreme metal band Sisters Of Suffocation formed back in 2014, and have since then made a name for themselves within the Benelux area due to extensive touring. After their last year’s EP Brutal Queen, the girls now release their first full-length, entitled Anthology Of Curiosities. According to their Facebook site, we cannot expect fluffy unicorns and glitter- so what did the Sisters come up with?

Brutality, that’s what. Right from the first notes of Shapeshifter, it’s all about the in-your-face-feeling. Growls combined with heavy drumming and fast guitar riffs make your head bang throughout the entire track. It’s a slower start then for I Am Danger, with clear chants – only to unleash the beast once again after about a minute. It’s then full on speed throughout tracks 3 and 4, with the latter, called This Is Not My Home, ending in a soft, instrumental outro. This extends to the intro of I Swear, the album’s fifth track, and can be seen as a moment to breathe before we have the aforementioned death metal bludgeon back on us, this time paired with some mid-tempo passages. There is clearly a trademark sound to be heard of the band, but some little twists and turns, here and there, prevent the whole thing from getting boring. Examples are a small recited part within Our Bodies Will Rot, some Arch Enemy vibes towards the end of Dysplasia and the predominance of a stompy, mid-tempo sound within Psycho Surgery.

In conclusion: with ten quality tracks, Sisters Of Suffocation have managed to produce a very good debut album. They manage to keep the listener engaged and are clearly great musicians, so that time flies while listening to Anthology Of Curiosities. Still, to my taste there could have been a bit more variation, but nevertheless the record comes recommended for all death metal lovers! 9/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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