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Monday, September 4, 2017

Review: Protosequence - Biophagous

This Edmonton, Alberta, Canada band comprised of Jacob Teeple (Bass), Kyle Hunter (Guitar), Joseph McKee (Vocals), Logan Vars (Drums), Parker (Guitar and Vocals), has some good metal stones with this 4 song EP! More and more, the actual musicianship of some of these Death Metal, Djent and other select bands impresses the writer, and the almost Yes-like technical axe-play at 00:48 on ‘Parasitic’ is indicative of greater things. The piano solo at about 3:00 seems a bit contrived (feeling like: thrown in to try hard to SHOW they’re diverse) but a nice bit, surrounded by further Gravocals.

“DFL” is a hammering piece, with complex arrangements and virtuoso playing and an outstanding guitar solo at 2:19 on. A good piece overall but annoying for me after a fashion.

“Shepherd” is unique. Complex and soft, a good showcase for all their musical tools, this is sure to be a concert favourite. The strumming at 2:38 is good mixed with the deftly-mixed and balanced instrumentation of the other elements.

“The Hate Subsides”, angrier than hell, is a well done metal song overall and lunges into prog-rock a-la Trivium for this writer, although not unpleasantly. The drumming at about 1:54 is incredibly amazing and fast, destined to maybe make Modern Drumming magazine.

A good venture!


Written by Alessandro

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