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Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Pig's Blood - Pig's Blood

US death metallers Pig’s Blood released their first, self-titled full-length in June this year. Let’s give it a spin!

Pig’s Blood are out for death and mayhem, which you not only can tell from their band photo or their stage names, but also right away by listening to their music: it’s brutal death metal with some black metal influences. The songs are sometimes faster (like e.g. on Torches Of War And Retribution or The Age Of Endless War), and sometimes very slow, even doom-like (like Taste The Fucking Poison). The faster ones are then also the ones who stand out for me amongst the 10 tracks, this is brutal death metal as it should be!

In conclusion: Pig’s Blood toy around with an image of total savagery, starting from the art cover and band photo and ending with the stage and track names. In the beginning, they also nicely translate that into their sound, and there are a few fast tracks that give you that feeling as well, but, unfortunately, the majority is too slow and too alike to really capture the listener. Still, the guys are good musicians and the record is well-produced, so if you’re a fan of blackened death, give these guys a go. 6/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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