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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Review: Synopsys - Le Temps Du Rêve

Synopsys is a post-metal band from France.
The first thing that comes to mind when I think about French post-metal is the mighty Alcest.
I can assure you right here now at the start that this band draws heavily from Alcest.

For starters the album cover is a nice, attracting piece of art. It just draws your interest because there is no way to know what it is or what it stands for. It’s personal taste of course but I like the way of making the listener make his own interpretation of art.

Starting with a nice instrumental build up to the next song. I would have liked it if the song climaxed somewhere. I was waiting for it but it didn't happen. The remainder of the album has its ups-and-downs all over.

The main track for me is called “Into The Abyss”, the name says it already, it’s a journey like most songs on the album. You just start to wander off into the dark and you get lost. In a good fairytale you will be found of you find a way out yourself but this track takes you further. The journey doesn't end because you don't reach any destination. You just get more and more confused in the madness.

Overall a great album to dream off to. Although I found it a bit TOO much of an Alcest copy I enjoyed it because I like Alcest a lot. Great dreamy, even doomy album. Would recommend to regular listeners of post-metal but not to people new to the genre because it could be a somewhat hard listener introduction.

Written by Joost van der Leij

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Synopsys Official Website
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