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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Review: Misanthropic Rage - Gates No Longer Shut

As I sit, dying from eerie vibes and hellfire and giving this opus the listen it deserves, my thoughts drift to puppies and SATAN!

The mindless riffing guitar “In a Blind Dimension” serves to annoy me and doesn’t speak of any musical quality. Weirdly enough, my player shuts off continually about ¾ through no matter what I do, and it’s not a defect, further adding to my vision of an imploding world; maybe the song is doing its job?

The Polish duo, W. (vocals) and AR. (all other instruments), classed as “Avant garde Black Metal”, is anything but. This is pure “Satan Rock”. The lyrics, some stanzas written in Polish, are clearly Satanic and somewhat disturbing, affecting me as the early versions of Venom’s ‘Welcome to Hell’. I suppose there is no front without a back, but not my style.

Even the alluring, soft quality of the mezzo part of the title track, at about 1:43, draws you in, knowing you’re still in a hate and lie filled world. Bothersome to say the least.

‘I, the Redeemer’ has few redeeming qualities; staccato chords and riffs, up and down vox…a deafening cacophony of Satan’s gizzard splopping onto the floor and morphing into hellish minions, each with their own out of tune guitar. Gah.

The sudden reverb/echo guitar riff at 3:29 of ‘Into the Crypt’ is somewhat hopeful but is immediately met with the continual Gravocals and slow plod to the chambers, then immediately more mandolin-type plucking that makes me want to kick myself out of my own apartment.

Niehodowlany. OK. A Polish word possibly meaning ‘for breeding’ I try not to Google too often so I didn’t really search too hard for it, but the rambunctious off kilter tempo of this song has me reaching for whiskey at 6am and firing up a work day. Written almost entirely in Polish, there are some English lyrics, one of which is a misspelling: ‘ZaratUstra‘(ZaratHustra – correct)’, unless it was by design, but citing Strauss is far-reaching here.

The finisher, a near 8 minute foray into some universe, ‘I Took the Fate in My Hands’ holds some actual Death Metal –Prog hopes but the stringy, high pitched guitars kill the flow for me. The lyrics are very harrowing and deathly dark, but kudos for some artistic licence. The production is quite fine at least and all instruments are heard, balanced enough.



Written by Alessandro

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