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Monday, July 3, 2017

Review: Charlie's Frontier Fun Town - In Dust We Trust

Salut e bonne CD a Sly: Basse, V-Mol: Guitare, Doc. Zarrach: Guitare, Blad: Batterie, Muss: Chant! From Grenoble, France, presenting some finely fashioned rock n roll, ‘Straight’ Metal a la Motorhead, Monster Truck, Mastodon, Megadeth, Metallica, and anything “MuthaFucka” you care to name.

Sporting some frothing beats and screeching licks, this is Warning # 62 from the landlords and complaint # 162 from surrounding neighbors, although they should be used to these reviews by now. I suppose they don’t like rock – good rock like this album, although one guy liked it, just not the 11pm I was hammering it.

From the outset, this album is nothing but fun and almost every track is worthy of SpeedTrap Mixtape # 5 and even the ‘slow’ songs ‘Life’ and especially ‘Back in Time’ tone it down a little but still have the power chords and devastating back beat that create almost every song.

‘Bloodroad’ is a little Screamo for me in parts but the thundering bass and guitar balance it out especially the dueling guitars from about 2:45. The tradeoff - styles are great and kick.

‘Bottle’s Curse’ is a little plodding for me and I suppose would qualify as a ‘slow song’ but it has some great bars and foot stomping power to it, and is great background for old Nintendo GoldenEye. (I don’t do PS – whatever, I work for my points). Now if the rhythm for the whole song had been like at 5:17 until close, we have a march!

‘Fossil’. Yes! 100% awesome. I’m still laughing at “Squeal! Intro to ‘Imminent Failure’ and liking that cowbell in the chorus! As is known, you can never have enough cowbell. Paired nicely with the intro for ‘Drunk Over Tail’, these are power rockers, original, loud and unforgiving.

‘Back in Time’ is like a shiner; it starts slowly then becomes what you expect it to be; a shocking hurter that looks more colourful than the punch that delivered it. This is a rousting, powerful piece with excellent changes and rhythms that take you on a neck-breaking 6:37. Beautifully arranged with smooth breaks, this is sure to be a concert favourite. Lovin’ the power outro at 5:43! What a screamer!

Overall, a well-deserved 9/10!

Written by Alessandro

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