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Friday, May 12, 2017

Review: GraVil - No More Forgiveness

London-based death metallers GraVil released their second full-length record, entitled “No More Forgiveness”, on 5th of May. Let’s give it a go!

Right from the start, we are more in the brutal rather than the melodic part of the death metal genre. The whole sound is very angry, with very prominent drumming and riffs. Complete destruction seems to be the goal of the guys, and they do that while keeping the listener entertained. Awesome! You can have a first impression on how that sounds by listening to the first single taken from the album, called “Decommissioned” – I am talking about the heavy part after the intro! While there is a trademark sound throughout the album, the songs themselves are still diverse enough to engage the listener over the total of 10 tracks. The lyrics are very intense and personal on this record, ranging from criticism on current UK politics to personal loss and betrayal and definitely add to the overall awesomeness of the record.

In conclusion: there’s nothing to criticize from my side, as I regard “No More Forgiveness” as one, if not the, highlight album of the year in the genre. Personal favorites are “I Am The Blood” and the somewhat more melodic “Fractured, Divided”. Be sure to pick up your copy and support these guys! 10/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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