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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review: Damnation Plan - Reality Illusion

Damnation Plan is a melodic death metal band from Finland, which released its second album, called “Reality Illusion”, on 10th of March via Inverse Records.

The album starts off with an instrumental intro, which mixes melodic metal with post-rock elements and synths. It is followed by “Beyond These Walls”, a very aggressive and pressing song. It is marked by metalcore and progressive rock influences, which are mixed together well. “Rulers Of Truth” is at first a contrast to it: a slow instrumental intro with synths in it, followed by a more classic melodeath tune. There’s quite some variety in the singing at first as well, creating an oriental atmosphere and reminds a bit of the style also to be found on Amorphis’ “Under The Red Cloud”-album. “Rise Of The Messenger” and “Blinded Faith”, the next two songs on the album, are very alike in style and followed by the beautiful, instrumental interlude “The Empowerment”. “Maze Of Despair” is marked by clean vocals and progressive rock-style riffs, which remind of i.e. Symphony X. This remains true for the next songs as well. The final one is a cover of Ronnie James Dio’s “Don’t Talk To Strangers”, which is very well done.

In conclusion: Damnation Plan produced a solid album, which will appeal however more to progrock rather than melodeath fans. While the production and the musicianship are excellent, to me the interest spiked already at the second track, which was too bad – a tad more variation towards the end would have been even better. Still, “Reality Illusion” is worthwhile listening to, so give it a go! 8/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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