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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: Tribulance - The Aftermath Of Lies

A Tuscon, AZ band that has been re-forged from the fires after about 20 years!

Sporting a cool look (love the eye-balls) and classic power metal sound, at first listen, I was awesommed by the 00:15 holler of ‘Oblivious’! Sounded like Ripper Owens actually and kept me intrigued. I am hyped for this! The playing is actual and definite power/heavy metal and a refreshing drink of cold beer from all the shite out there!

The strength keeps going with the head-banging fare of ‘Conflict’. The entire song IS a head-bang, the chorus and riffs are all awesome. The lyrics and vox are crystal clear and powerful as is the entire production.

The title track is great with excellent speed and explosive bouts of guitars. This is great fare for any Marshall stack at 11. (RIP: James C Marshall April 5 2012). The solos are ripping and make me feel happy all over! Well written and emoted!

‘Betray’! Easily my favourite with all the changes and amazing screams brings back my faith in the music industry! ‘The dreams we designed!’ Love it! The intro bassline and subsequent guitar attack to ‘Initiation’ kick! The break at 3:04 and subsequent chug-chugging smoke and can easily be listened to at Neighbor-Hating levels. These are all concert fare and one can see the swaying, bobbing heads and bodies.

The Slayer-like speed of ‘Walk the Talk; is outstanding! Tight playing and overall feel make this a great track. The changes are head-bob worthy especially around 2:50 onward – love it!

No question, this whole album rocks. They are ALL equally great and ring out to the heyday where an artist wrote ALL good tracks on an album, each standing alone and able to win awards. The crispness and metal feel to this album make it playable all the way through, combined with excellent writing and artisanship in the music.

Great energy on stage from the FB videos and a great microphone voice!

Easy 10/10, maybe 11/10!

Written by Alessandro

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