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Friday, April 28, 2017

Review: Opalized - Rising From The Ashes

Giving this record the due listen it deserves, I am darned ok with it! It has an ‘Into Eternity’ feel to it and some great artistry the way the vox careen from the hoarse metalcore sound to some great highs and harmonies. Well placed and well done! This group from Bordeaux, France have a bright future and their 7 song Ep ‘Rising From The Ashes’ certainly makes a phoenix-like entrance!

‘The Fall’, a beautiful musical intro, shows these players’ skills and is soundtrack worthy in some future film I’m sure, and is a perfect intro for my favourite song #2, the scorching orchestrated piece ‘Gives It Back’. Grand dual-axe attack with gravocals (yea I’m making words up: gravel + vocals), driving beats make this an instant concert hit I’m sure.

Check their vids and the play through of my favourite song is a grand sight. Don’t we all wish we could play like that? I know you do. The break at about 3:10 and awesome growl, hammering guitars and orchestration is clear and offers up some melodic metal in between. A very nice piece!

Not a fan of the ridiculously overused gravocals in this genre (and others) and too much grates on my nerves, but the music is played to near perfection all through, and resonates in my black metal heart. They are well placed with bouts of gifted singing that complements the ups and downs of the emotional saga portrayed in this opus.

The rest of the EP is musically sound and a real pleasure to listen to. This is not an atypical metal or death metal album; it steams with good riffs and solid bass and blistering tempo at times and leaves some damned hope for the art of musical artistry. Each song has its own flavour and resonates well with me, especially the title track, singeing fingertips and vocal chords alike.


Written by Alessandro

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