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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review: Blood Of Angels - Rise Of The Fallen Gods

Floridian death metal quartet Blood of Angels is bound to release its first EP, entitled “Rise Of The Fallen Gods”, on 21st of April. With 3 tracks and a total running time of about 12 minutes it's very short, but still kicks ass!

We enter the world of Norse mythology with the first track, “Miscreant Deeds Of Loki”. This one doesn’t need a fancy intro, but immediately starts off with some brutal, in-your-face drumming. Pace does not slow down, and is then mixed well with some awesome growls by Chris Iibucha. The next track is “Odin’s Wrath”, which was also released as a single and a streaming video. This one is somewhat more melodic and clearly influenced by Amon Amarth. Great track which keeps you hooked throughout the entire time and stays in your head! Unfortunately, the 3rd track is also the last one – and called “The Final War”. It’s again a more Floridian death metal-inspired song, with aggressive, pressing tunes and deep growls. Still, it manages to stay very diverse.

In conclusion: The four guys really produced a great EP, with three awesome tracks and the only pity being that it’s actually too short. “Rise Of The Fallen Gods” comes highly recommended, and Blood of Angels is surely a band to keep an eye out for. 10/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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