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Friday, April 14, 2017

Review: Assent - We Are The New Black

Hmm. This duet (I’m always shocked when I see metal groups as duos, but, it’s the world I guess) is quite impressive as the intro, ‘The Dust and the Screaming’ (cool name) with strings shows a bend towards prog! Very nice and captivating and flowing into the title track which rips with great production, clear and sharp and some good harmonies. Amazing solos and good metal feel to this all around.

‘Reaching Out’ is one of my favourites here as the raunchy guitars do reach out to me as does the arrangement musically. Good use of the guttural vox and has a good video feel if they ever make one.

The vox solo in ‘A Part Of Me’ at about 00:30 onwards is awesome. I am always amazed at this capability and give full points to that, although it is not my preferred vocal style. A heavy mix of dare I say, rap? and hardcore, this song has a great party feel to it, chorus is a great sing along!

‘Remain in the Darkness’ sports some excellent opening piano and launches into the death-growls mixed with some nice singing for a very approachable song! As a longer track, it has some very good solos; nice stuff!

The opening battery of ‘Insomnia’ startled me! It sounded like the crescendo from Rush’s ‘Cygnus X-1’! Excellent! The low key vox are great and spring some industrial overtones into the mix. The regular singing is a pleasant surprise with the guitars merging seamlessly into the rocking parts of the track. The more I hear this, I have to venture it is now my favourite song and making my next mixtape.

Overall this is a great effort and looking forward to them on the stage. They have been working hard on songs for some years and they can finally bring it to the open. I’m glad for the 6 song EP as I don’t think I could take a whole 14 songs of this in row, but a great listen all around.


Written by Alessandro

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