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Monday, February 13, 2017

Review: Stillborn Slave - Seven Ways To Die

From the opening chords, this MetalCore group from France makes an interesting and forceful effort to keep with this genre. I find this more Grindcore or Death metal, but sure, whatever. The norming of the genres is becoming tiresome; it’s hopefully good or it isn’t!

Although not my favourite on the vox side; too guttural and off key for me (then again, you should hear me sing), the music is quite good! Vengeful sounding with lots of rhythm changes and solos, it emboldens this perspective from their previous album ‘Your Time Is Out’ (great title) from 2012.

‘Fiends’ launches with speed and ferocity and is a great rocker still, the vox don’t do it for me. The tempo changes at about 1:35 are cool and makes for genuine variety. Some good licks in there reminiscent of Mastodon-type players, as well as decent song length.

‘The End of Everything’ is quite fast and lends itself more to Speed metal. Uniquely written and super-fast, this one is enough to push it into the interesting category for me and is listenable enough. The pace is incredible and the solos are very good.

‘I Spit On Your Grave’, cool title and all, leaves me a little short on likes, but starting off with a Judas Priest Jugulator-type pipes-a-clanging sound (meh, and double-meh on THAT album too), will do that. There is some formidable light-speed drums and vocals here and several good chords and riffing, making this a very good song.

‘You Stand Alone’ does that, as one of the faster more easily digested songs for me, with just a little bit more of a metal edge.

The other songs are alright, but largely sound too similar to my Deep-Purpled ear to make a significant entrance. Perhaps on stage it would be different but album wise, they remain a little unnoticeable for me and kind of meld one into the other. Perhaps this is their concept-oriented goal, but I like my metal a little more straightforward. Still, their contribution to the digital world is good!


Written by Alessandro

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