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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Moonloop - Devocean

My first review after a break, and I get to review this masterpiece. The band plays a more progressive groovy death metal sounding metal, and they play on their strength just right.

One thing you will not miss on this album are the polyrhythmic on the drums and in the riffs as well, and the strong point of the album is that even though the polyrhythmic are all over the album it never gives off a sense of overuse of them. All tracks are groovy with some interesting fills on the drums and intricate riffs as well, and you can hear that the drums are played with extreme precision in unison with the metronome and also there is not one point in the drums that sound out of place or that can throw you off balance in the riff.

Apart from some minor issues I had with the guitar and bass levels I do not have a beef to settle with this album, even the vocals are mixed in and performed with great skill. I loved the melodies of the album, subtle and yet effective, they convey the desired effect of the riff straight home.

All in all, I loved this album every second of it, and it gave me a feeling of groove I got when I listened to Pantera and bands like that. I give this album a 9.5/10.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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