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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Interview: Tytus

In October Italian metallers Tytus released their debut full-length, called Rises. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen now interviews guitarist Mark Simon Hell, read it below.

Hey, how’s life in Italy?

Yo guys! Uh… Hard to answer this one in few words and /or without sounding too depressive … let’s just say that in this country pizza and coffee are still top rate!!!

Where does your bandname, Tytus, come from? Is there a story behind it, and if so, what is it?

This name came out during rehearsals. There is no special story… we just wanted a short name that sounded powerful and in line with the atmosphere of our music. Somebody said :”what about Tytus?” and everybody liked it. We then checked the internet to see if any other band had already used it and we found out it actually was a character of 80s toys and ‘toons series Masters of the Universe: “TYTUS the giant fights for peace”… PERFECT!!!

In October you released your debut full-length, Rises, how is that feeling?

“Rises” is something very special to us… We personally put a lot of efforts and work in every aspect of it, from the composition and arrangements of every song to sound productions, lyrics, graphics… Everything, really! It was finally out in October (for Sliptrick Records) and we are very satisfied with the final result.

I think it’s a great heavy metal album, what is the response so far?

Thank you, it’s great you said that, we really appreciate! The response so far is actually very good. The feedback we have from people who became new fans after listening to the record is very rewarding: they basically say that “Rises” is a very honest piece of work, with good, inspired songs and very well played. To get so many new followers and such good reactions make us very proud of our creature… and willing to hit the road to play it for everybody!!!

On the album you have a few guests, Conny Ochs, Will Wallner and Tilen Durden, how was working with them?

Conny Ochs is a friend and a real creative talent: he also realized our cover art work… with my small label and booking (Kornalcielo Records) I set up some shows for him. When he came to Trieste (our hometown) he stopped by the studio and did some vocals on 325 AD song. His contribution has been decisive, because we were a bit stuck on that song… we are enthusiastic for what he did for us, while he was recording everybody was like “Hell Yeah!!”

We knew Will Wallner for his work with the American band White Wizzard, and we thought that his heavy- ‘70s-style-rock guitar playing would have been perfect for us… He was going back home from a holiday in Croatia just while we were finishing recordings, so he came to the studio to leave a “cameo”: a great solo, again on 325 AD track. He is a very cool guy and great professional… Number One!!!

Tilen has been our first singer and in fact some lyrics, melodies and arrangements in “Rises” came out of his bag! He is a great musician and a very cool fellow! We had some artistic disagreements that made him leave the project after our Spanish tour a couple of years ago, but he still is a very good friend of us, so we really liked him to take part in something whose genesis owe it to him a lot!

Conny Ochs also took care of your cover artwork, are you happy with the result?

On top of being a great singer and composer, Conny is also a professional graphic designer. We asked him to do the artwork because we have seen works he did and we liked them a lot. He really surprised us because with very few hints from our part he was able to perfectly match what we had in mind, and he did it in a style completely different from what he usually does! And then again, we are enthusiastic for what he did: he realized a cover which is very intense and warm and at the same time has a great impact, which is exactly what we wanted!

You are announced for the lineup of Metaldays 2017, excited?

A lot! It is amazing!!! We have been chosen among so many bands just on the basis of our demo… to participate to one of the biggest Metal festivals in Europe… in times when “pay to play” and such amenities look like the only way to achieve anything… This definitely is to us a great satisfaction!

It’s going to be real cool!!

Can we expect some more touring in 2017?

Hell Yes! We have planned some gigs in Italy and nearby countries like Austria, Slovenia, Germany… you can follow us on our website or Facebook to see where we are going to play next!

Any other future plans for Tytus?

We are pretty busy in promoting “Rises” at the moment. We would like to make another video and put out a 12” vinyl version of the record… But we are also very inspired and therefore already working on new material for the next album!!!

Is there something you want to say to our readers?

Huge Thanx to you guys from DutchMetalManiac for your support and to everybody who read so far!!! Seek and Destroy!


Tytus Official Website
Tytus Facebook

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