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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Interview: Thyrane

Finnish black metallers Thyrane just re-released their 1997 demo called Black Harmony. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen now interviews bass-player Daemon, read the interview below.

Hey Daemon, how is life in Finland?

Just survived the midwinter pagan feast barely alive, snow and frost everywhere so life’s okay at the moment. Year 2016 came to its end and it’s time to make plans for the present year. Exorcise and perform dark rituals and other mean stuff for the year 2017.

Where does the name Thyrane come from? What is the story behind it?

Blastmor got the name from Marduk’s song called Deme Quadem Thyrane. He used to listen to that album a lot when it came out and our band needed a name, the song hit hard so there it was... THYRANE.

A lot of metalbands hail from Finland and people often say Finland is a real metal-land. How do you think about that?

I agree that many successful metal bands come from Finland, but bands like us enjoy very narrow popularity. Mainstream metal can be heard everywhere. But that’s not a bad thing, let’s consider that it would be like the gateway theory, first the mild stuff gets you into the scene, and the real stuff really kicks you hard when you dare to take it!

Which bands do you see as your influences?

For me all black, doom, death metal and then again really old stuff like Black Sabbath etc. Of course Norwegian and Swedish black metal has affected a lot to our music as an influence.

Where do get your inspiration from, lyrical-wise?

In the early years Blastmor made most of the lyrics, I contributed some lines. Later on other members took part in the writing process. It widened the outcome. I usually listen to the music first and get the ideas there, like visualize a situation, or create a story that would somehow back up the music. Sometimes you take a sip or two or more of the good ol' Absinthe, which also can help the writing process, but then again you might get something you don’t even understand yourself.

You were active from 1994 until 2006 and recently reformed with a partially new line-up, what made you decide to reform?

An old friend of ours, a festival promoter from Oulu, Finland had bombed Blastmor for years that we should do the last gig we never did back in 2006. So we got together with a new drummer and guitarist and rehearsed for the gig. After the festival gig HM announced that she had no time for the band but we others felt that maybe we’ll do few more gigs if there is a chance for it. We were lucky enough to get a new talented keyboard player to join the band. Few rehearsals with the new line-up were convincing and promising. All the guys were so ready and eager so why not - let’s blast.

What are the biggest differences between then and now you see in the metalscene?

Everything is more categorized and boxed like Folk metal, Pagan metal, etc. I think it ties the artist to a certain style. Marketing men have their claws on everything. Also everything is done more professionally than in the early days; that’s not a bad thing though, but when it goes too extreme I think something is lost. Luckily there’s still a very lively underground scene bubbling underneath, all over the world.

Thyrane’s music has changed a few times over the years. You started with pure black metal, did something with industrial black and ended up playing more symphonic black. How do you look back at Thyrane’s 1994-2006 period?

As in hindsight wisdom? We did what we did musically because back then we wanted to do it. We stand proud behind every record we've made. In my opinion these records just reflect our progress as musicians and songwriters. You can hear what we listened at the time and slightly even get the idea of what was going on inside the band and our personal lives.

Now that you reformed, what are your future plans? Any touring? New music?

Absolutely to play gigs, perhaps even small tours…and I’ll give you a secret; Blastmor has given us some new riffs to chew, the new line-up is brilliant, stars are lining correctly with planets so there might be coming something new out of the pits. Only the Dark Lord knows.

Thank you for the interview, is there something you want to say to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Be true to yourselves and stay Black Metal!

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