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Friday, January 20, 2017

Interview: Cowards

Early December, French hardcore sludge black metallers Cowards released Still. Now, DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviews them. You can read it below.

Hey guys, how are you?

Fine, thanks.

For people who don’t know you yet, how do you describe Cowards’ music?

It's bleak, exhausting, catchy and above all, exhausted.

Early December you released Still, how is the response so far?

Response seems fine, a couple party poopers here and there, mostly insane comments on how we might be misogynists or fake black metal.

Everything is just as expected.

Who are your influences in music?

It ranges from Celtic Frost to Sade, take your pick.

Where do you get inspiration from for the lyrics?

We keep our eyes opened when it would be so much nicer to not see how ugly this place is.

On the track Like Us Matthias Jungbluth is featured. He is also from Throatruiner Records (your recordlabel), how is working with him?

It's a breeze. He is as dedicated as he is reliable.

He's backed us up since day 1, we'll always back him up.

Loyalty is key.

On Still you also did two covers, in your own style. You Belong To Me is a cover of The Police’s Every Breath You Take and One Night In Any City is a cover of The Horrorist’s One Night In NYC. Why did you choose these two songs?

They range so far out our usual genre and we absolutely love these songs. It seemed like much better cover ideas than covering Integrity or Eyehategod.

Still isn’t released that long ago, but are you already working on new music?

Not yet. Give it a month or two and we'll be back at it.

Can we expect some touring in support of Still?

Touring might be a bit thin this year also, lots of stuff going on for all of us, but we definitely are going to take it out on the road.

At last, is there something you want to say to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Thanks for reading this.

Cowards Official Website
Cowards Facebook

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