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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Review: Evil Invaders - In For The Kill

Today, I’m back with a new release by Belgian speed metallers Evil Invaders. So far, these guys have produced 2 EP’s and their first full-length effort ‘’Pulses of Pleasures’’, which in my opinion became an instant classic after listening to it. ‘’In for the Kill’’ includes 2 entirely new tracks, which I will elaborate on in a moment, and live recordings of ‘’Pulses of Pleasure’’ and ‘’Victim of Sacrifice’’!

If you’re new to Evil Invaders, let me introduce you to them. They are a goddamn time machine, with their sharp sound blasting straight from the 80’s heavy metal scene. High paced riffing with vocals ranging from a thrashy style to high pitched screams the likes of King Diamond. This is some mighty shit, and as if their debut hasn’t made that very clear, the first new track ‘’As Life Slowly Fades’’ is like a suckerpunch to the face. Fast, loud and fuckin’ rude, this one is a song that builds up really quick with some reaaaaaaally nice divebombs (if you don’t know the term, don’t bother looking it up and just listen to the song already!) and aggressive chord patterns, just before they go out, all guns blazin’. The entire sound is a really pleasant blast from the past, without becoming one of those cliché bands that are getting to nostalgic and bland. Amaaaazing work on the guitar solo, but this is hardly surprising if you’re already familiar with the band. ‘’Raising Hell’’ is the second new title, and it’s quite different to the first in some ways. The speed doesn’t slack, but there’s a different build up in this song. It’s a little heavier on the vocals, with a relentless onslaught of lyrics speeding like a bullet trains. In between all the heavy pounding and chord striking, this song rewards you with a little more state of the art shredding. Their live tracks sound very promising and should be kept unspoiled. Check this EP out!

All in all, great effort by a young promising band. I’m hoping this is but a glimpse of what we can expect from their next full-length! 9/10

Written by Nino Milillo

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