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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: Burning Point - The Blaze

Burning Point is a melodic power metal band from Finland. Founded in 1997 and this will be their 7th album. This album "The Blaze" is released on 27 November 2016. The last album was the first album with female singer Nitte Valo (ex Battle Beast).

Onto this album: The album starts with the powerful song "Master Them All". It starts with guitar riffs that pace up with drums, a perfect opening song. The rhythmic parts keeps you listening. The second song is "Time Has Come" this has every element in it that screams Burning Point. The vocals from Valo are again spot on powerful, ruff and high. "My Spirit" is a song that drags you along, more calmer with epic vocals. Then they blast of with the intro of "The Lie", this song makes me think of a live festival crowd side to side singing a long and head banging. "Chaos Rising" is indeed chaos, but then an organized chaos. With more ruff vocals and up paced rhythmic parts. The last song on this album is "Metal Queen" also the longest song 4:57 min. . It's a cover from the classic Lee Aaron song. That ends this album strong.

If you like melodic power/heavy metal this is a band that you want to check out, they don't disappoint you. The powerful album is full of head banging and melodic riffs that you don't want to miss.

Track list:
1. Master Them All
2. Time Has Come
3. Incarnation
4. My Spirit
5. The Lie
6. Dark Winged Angel
7. Chaos Rising
8. Lost in Your Thoughts
9. Things That Drag Me Down
10. The King Is Dead, Long Live the King
11. Metal Queen (Lee Aaron cover)

Written by Nathasja Voerman

Burning Point Official Website
Burning Point Facebook

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