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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Live review: Meshuggah and High On Fire at 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands, November 24th, 2016

After looking forward to this show for a couple of months, the 24th of November the day was there. I was going to see Meshuggah for the first time in my life. I was told seeing Meshuggah was not just a concert. It’s an experience.

When I go to a concert it usually is just a night out with some friends and we go to have a good time. Not mainly for the band on the main stage. This time was definitely different. We are all great fans of Meshuggah and only one of us had seen them live before and that was not an indoor concert with the light show and everything. We were all a bit anxious and nervous and it was such a great feeling.

When we stepped into the concert hall and heard that High on Fire already started their “Motorhead on drugs” campaign. One of my friends and me have high respect for Matt Pike, the front man for High on Fire and the stoner band Sleep which we are fans of.

I must say I didn’t have high hopes for this band at all but they unexpectedly blew my mind. Heavy grooves with powerful vocal lines were all over the place. I am mainly a fan of Matt Pike for his work with Sleep but I never expected him to endure the speed and intensity of High on Fire, he rips solos with a deadly precision as well!

After High on Fire we just needed to wait for half an hour until Meshuggah came up.

They already got me the moment the lights went out and this eerie noise started to appear. It was getting me uncomfortable and I think that was the intention of the noise.

Starting with the hit single “Clockworks” as a starting for a whole set full of blistering, pounding madness. Soon it became clear that it really was an experience to behold. It’s a mighty force to see. Meshuggah are the five guys from Sweden who are over 2 meters in height and are really imposing on that stage. They take their music seriously and outdone their selves the whole evening. I can honestly say that I have never seen a band play flawless. I’ve seen quite a few bands play live but never this tight. The only band that comes close to Meshuggah is Gojira. To be honest I have seen the light show for half of the show. The other half I was in a trance just bobbing my head to the complex time rhythms. I have to give credits to the guy that programmed the light show. AMAZING JOB man. Every beat was right on time with the strobes.

I can only say this was by far the most perfect live show I have seen in my life so far. Meshuggah are a well-oiled machine that just keeps on riffing and outdoing themselves.

When they come around again I will be first in line to get tickets. No doubt.

There is only one rating for a show like this.


Written by Joost van der Leij

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