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Monday, November 14, 2016

Valhalla Outdoor

Hey everyone,

I know that this isn't about music, but it sure can be interesting for some of you. Especially for those of you interested in Vikings.

It's about Valhalla Outdoor, the place to be for your Viking-related activities. For a birthday, bachelor party, or to go to with your team, it's all possible. Of course, everything in Viking-style.

There's only one thing.

As every business, in the initial phase there are two things needed: promotion and some money to start. So does Valhalla Outdoor.

As any help is welcome, it would be nice if you could support Valhalla Outdoor.

You can read more info on their Facebook page and their crowdfunding page.

Of course, they are very happy with every kind of support, so likes and/or shares are very appreciated.

If you want to support them with some money, you can do so on their crowdfunding page, I'm sure they are also very happy with that way of support.


Valhalla Outdoor Facebook
Valhalla Outdoor Crowdfunding Page

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