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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review: Leaves' Eyes - Fires In The North

Leaves' Eyes made their last album release "King of Kings" in September of 2015. To this point there changed some things. They replaced vocalist Liv Kristine with Elina Siirala. This EP gives us the chance to listen to her vocals outside of the live performances. This EP has a new song "Fires In The North" and 3 new versions of songs from the album "King of Kings".

Onto this new EP: The new song starts with a nice rhythm that represents Leaves' Eyes. The new vocals of Elina Siirala fits perfectly in this song. You really get the feeling that you are in a Viking-land. In the middle part of this song are more rhythmic parts that starts you head banging. The acoustic version of this song is a story apart. The first rhythmic part has more character to it, but personally the normal version stands out for me. The next 3 songs are 2016 versions of earlier tracks with the new vocalist. Her voice is a little higher than the one from Liv, that makes the songs "Edge of Steel" and "Sacred Vow" more an opera version. She is a fantastic singer. I think they didn't had to redo this songs, but instead write new songs that let you hear her great voice. The last song on this EP, "Swords in Rock", fits Elina perfectly, the refrains are spot on. The music really tells a story in the refrains, only in the middle parts is it more an opera version.

This new EP with the new vocalist Elina Siirala is a great success. Only the fans need to get use to the new voice, that will come by time. Go on and give the new vocalist a try, she will blow you away!

01. Fires in the North
02. Fires in the North (acoustic version)
03. Edge of Steel (2016 version)
04. Sacred Vow (2016 version)
05. Swords in Rock (2016 version)

Written by Nathasja Voerman

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