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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Review: Freedom Call - Master Of Light

Freedom Call is a band from Germany that plays happy/power metal. Their last album was last year’s "666 Weeks Beyond Eternity" which was a re-release of the album "Eternity 2012".
Now Master Of Light is the latest album, released on 11 November and 18 November (USA/Canada).
Can they bring that smile back on your face with this album?

The album starts off strong with the opening song "Metal Is For Everyone". It's a song that
instantly let you smile. It also has some rhythmic parts which will make you sing a long and will let you head bang. "Metal Is For Everyone" is also a perfect quote, a good universal message. "A World Beyond" has an amazing chorus, with at the end a guitar solo and another catching chorus. The song "Kings Rise And Fall" starts off strong with fast paced riffs. Again, the catching chorus will make you easily sing along. After a slow song "Cradle Of Angels" they are blasting off again with "Emerald Skies". "Rock The Nation" and "High Up" are instantly bringing a smile on your face. The vocals on this whole album are spot on. You keep smiling with the melodic riffs that keeps you singing and head banging.

This is a perfect album, you just forget the rest and start smiling. If you like happy/power/melodic metal this is a band for you, go on and check them out!

Tracklist :
1. Metal Is For Everyone 4:52
2. Hammer Of The Gods 3:11
3. A World Beyond 5:54
4. Masters Of Light 5:29
5. Kings Rise And Fall 4:02
6. Cradle Of Angels 5:03
7. Emerald Skies 3:39
8. Hail The Legend 3:58
9. Ghost Ballet 3:07
10. Rock The Nation 3:11
11. Riders In The Sky 4:15
12. High Up 3:03

Written by Nathasja Voerman

Freedom Call Official Website
Freedom Call Facebook

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