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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Interview: Deadlock

Four months ago, Deadlock released Hybris. DutchMetalManiac's Julia Obenauer already reviewed it here. Now she asked Deadlock some questions and below you can read their answers.

Hey guys, thank you for doing this interview. Could you quickly introduce yourself (who you are, what type of metal you play and where you are from)?
Margie: We are Deadlock from Germany and play a kind of Melodic Death Metal with growling male vocals and female clean vocals. Sometimes we also use elements from other music genres, like pop or classical music.

You had some changes lately in your line-up due to the passing of your drummer and the baby-related exit of your former singer. How did you cope with these losses?

Margie: I think we did a pretty good job in getting some stones out of our way. Now let's see, what the future will bring.

Do you think that these changes also affected your sound?

Basti: Sure. One of Deadlock's main characteristics for the sound is the female frontsinger. When Sabine told us about leaving the band, it was a massive shock for all of us. Luckily we worked with Margie as a substitute during Sabine's maternity leave and knew, that she can do the job. Her voice is a bit different than Sabine's, of course. That's one thing. And she has also some great abilities, that you can hear on “Ein Deutsches Requiem”. We've had also a change in our rhythm group. Werner (drums) and Chris (bass) do a great job and harmonize perfectly.

Let’s talk about your new album, “Hybris”. How did you go about the songwriting and production part?

Werner: As you might know, Sebastian, our lead guitarist is the main songwriter. He develops ideas for songs, and complete songs on his own at first. After that, we all meet and talk about the songs, change the structures or develop new ideas. On this album, we had Ali Dietz and Eike Freese as producers on board.

I personally liked the album, but I also saw that many reviewers missed these very “exotic” musical influences, like hip-hop, on it. Was it intentional to change your sound a bit this time around?

Margie: Right! On this album we didn't work with Hip-Hop elements, but we used some classical elements and also recorded German lyrics, for the first time in Deadlock's history. For us, it was “exotic” enough ;)

You also have two German tracks on it – a tribute to your former drummer who passed away, right? What can you tell about those songs?

Basti: One of these tracks is “Vergebung”. But it's without vocals. It's only the German title. The second one is “Ein Deutsches Requiem”. For this one, we used lyrics from Johannes Brahms' “Ein Deutsches Requiem”.

I saw that you played some festivals in August – are you planning a European tour to introduce your new album to your fans? If so, when can we expect to see you on the road?

Basti: At the moment we are in a hot phase. I think in a few weeks we can say more. Keep yourself updated on our homepage our via Facebook.

You are around since quite some time and also toured extensively. Any great or funny memories from your life on the road you feel like sharing?

Werner: Touring is always fun. There are a lot of great memories form our lifes on the road. Especially hanging around with friends and having a great time with lots of different people.

Germany has always been quite active in the metal scene. Is there any (underground) band you especially like? And/or any upcoming albums you particularly look forward to?

Werner: There are so many fantastic underground bands in Germany, nobody knows. In fact, I can’t tell you which of them is my favorite underground band. In 2016, a lot of great albums were released. My favorite albums in 2016 were the new Katatonia and the new Meshuggah album.

Last but not least: do you have a message for our readers?

Margie: Please go out and visit clubshows, not only big festivals. We have to keep the concert scene alive!

Thank you for doing the interview!

Deadlock Official Website
Deadlock Facebook

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