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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Review: Truckfighters - V

Fuzzmasters are back with full force.
Their fifth album blazes like a sandstorm through your head, one ear to another.
Honoring their predecessors Kyuss and Dozer with downtuned, almost unrecognizable fuzz filled guitars.

Five albums in I still cannot comprehend the fact that Truckfighters are from Sweden instead of The United States’ desert like landscapes. Fact is, that Truckfighters are one of the most successful stoner rock bands of the last century with releases like “Gravity X” and “Phi’’. On this record they went on a little different route with their song and riff structures.

Starting off with ‘calm before the storm’, Truckfighters build up beautifully for 4 minutes to their signature stomping riff blast. The only thing that seems a little off is that the build up to the main song structure is a bit weird. The buildup doesn’t transition that well into the blast. I think it would be better if it were 2 separate songs. But hey, to each their own.

I think this slight problem is my feeling for the overall album. The buildups just do not mesh in smoothly with the rest of the song. What I need to give my compliments for are the progressive influences throughout the album.

I feel like Truckfighters pulled a “mastodon” on this album by adding prog elements. I quite like it! It makes the songs of 7/8 minutes or even longer a lot more interesting to listen to and they never get boring. Always trying to figure out how the riffs are built up or the tempo switches.

The best moments for me on this album are in the last song called “Storyline”. Acoustic stoner rock, who would have thought! At least for me it’s a fresh wind blowing through the genre.

Like mentioned before, Truckfighters’ new album “V” is just the thing stoner rock needed to prevent it from getting boring. The prog elements and the acoustic switch-up in the last song are the thing that really made the album for me. Along with the classic fuzziness, Truckfighters are known for the new elements are a welcome change and therefore I rate the album 8.3 out of 10.


Written by Joost van der Leij

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