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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review: Sons Of A Wanted Man - Black Days Black Dust

If you’re still in the mood of the last Oathbreaker album, this is your EP to listen to next. Genre-bending madness from these Belgian dudes. Starting off very black metal-ish and progressing on to a more dreamy, doomy soundscape of noise and rattling.

In Belgium this style of music is not very uncommon. I named Oathbreaker already but don’t forget Amenra as well. Sons Of A Wanted Man do not shy themselves to breakaway from stereotypes and create a genre of their own. The band I can name that comes closest to their sound is the French blackgaze band Alcest. I hear a lot of similarities stylistically.

From agonizing screams into a very spacy vibe that sucks the listener into the music and doesn’t let go of its grip. The thing I like most about the entire EP is the build-up in the songs. Clearly this has been thought out very well and it’s always a little different so it doesn’t make you want to turn it off and go to sleep. The soundscapes keep it interesting and it just makes you want to stay more!

The experience I got by listening this album is the following. I was listening to the first song and from minute one, black metal is rasping through your brain. After the beginning sequence the soundscape kicks in and I didn’t want to leave that feeling anymore. Every time a fast and heavy structure popped up it was almost disappointing because they do their shoegaze parts so damn good!

My only complaint about the album is that it’s not very well done production wise. The guitars sound a little too distant for my taste and I sometimes don’t get what they are playing because it’s just a wall of noise. Now, I know this is a part of their sound, probably. It would have been far more intense if the production was as good as the music itself.

Therefore, I rate the album 8.5 out of 10.


Written by Joost van der Leij

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