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Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: H-One - Cygne II

Post apocalypse hardcore. I guess I’ll name it that. Whatever you call it, it will light up the darkened halls of metal lovers. Powerful harsh vox and hard solid riffs are the order here, and while I tire of listening to that “gggggRRRRAWWWW” –type vocal, this will please many.

‘Salt War’ arrangements are solid and very hard to play and will please many prog rock aficionados. The amazing outro/ending at 3:02 onward has rings of Overkill, Into Eternity, Hatebreed and many other influences that are great to hear.

‘Home’ is my favourite! What a crazy ass tune; great breaks and split vocals. Good sound and production as well. This sounds more of a diction than a song or a sermon with the talk-vocals. Outstanding!

‘Pray for my Name” …Wow.. hard pounding old school rock riffs and some grunge sound thrown in for good me(tal)sure! Heavy! Great all around.

‘Mother’. I wonder if The Police would like this song of the same name? Certainly Copeland would embrace it just to annoy Sting. While not a cover, it would still remind me of some hardcore, unforgiving annoying mother, playing a shredder, doing the neck-wave. And a little Disturbed-like vocal at about 2:41! Nice little sneak in there! Sounds super.

‘Headcharger’! Up and down. Up and Down. Up and Down. Neck is sore. Don’t care. Awesome. Going to be a kick ass concert song!

The slow song: ‘Moved Reasons’ shows great versatility with this group and the slow pace and instrumental adds a powerful focus to their work. This needs to be longer so we can see where they can go.

They ramp it up again with a crazed, frenetic rhythm in ‘Black Cloud’ which is for me, a little much but I pushed on through, on my deck, annoying my neighbors. Not my favourite on this album, but will strike some hate-chords with many. And

I’m also glad for ‘Final Track’. Not so much keeping with the rest of the energy of the record in my view. The repetitive riffing until the end, was not a good touch but the band would probably disagree. A little tedious and over the top guitar wise, maybe I’ll like them in a while.

And then! At 7:34 an acoustic section…yea, I don’t get this fad of adding the outro after the main song. Some good attempt at singing ‘normal’ but that really activated my dislike sensors. I don’t know why.

Otherwise, 7.5/10

Written by Alessandro

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