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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Review + giveaway: Manu Armata - All I Have

There is so much music to collect and now, yet another to add to the pile. This album has all the right elements for me; great hardcore cover, good lineup, short, intense power-driven music and it reminds me of someone else I like. I hear Strapping Young Lad and Dead Kennedy’s or UK Subs all over this. ‘Keep breathing; rocks; love the concert-chant at 1:07: “BREAK DOWN THESE WALLS!” And even at 1:30, I’m hearing some Megadeth ‘Set the World Afire’ type-riffing.

Production is perfect for this alternative/hardcore album. Not too fuzzy with the right amount of emphasis on guitars and the vox overshadowing just a little. Everything is played with utmost intensity, not slowing even a little. ‘Mind Set’ is probably the fastest tune on here and will make it to my Speed Kills mixtape.

‘Free Spirit’ is my favourite! Hammering guitars and some great, fast skins work here. As is evident throughout these guys are tight and can teach some new bands out there a thing or three. It’s hard to find the time to listen to an album, as most people plays chops and bits of their favourite songs, but these gents take care of that with their short song layouts and get down to business style.

‘Let it Out’ is a solid track and gets the head going nicely at 1:11. Too bad it ends shortly thereafter!

Ah, ‘Broke Down’ just made it to my equally favourite. This is just the style I like for this genre, a perfect song all around. Great mid-song stop/start at 1:51 and the grinding chants thereafter.

With the last grinder named ‘Not Done’, we can only hope not from this Hellions from Harlingen. Nice FB pic of a busted up stage from their October 15 2016 release show! Keep playing real lads!


Written by Alessandro

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