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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review: Désenchantée - Tristesse

A bit longer than two years ago, I reviewed White Lotus, which was at that time the most recent release of the Indian one-man band The End. A bit later it turned out to be the last album under the name of The End, since the name was changed to Désenchantée. I really liked White Lotus, so it was waiting for new music of Désenchantée. The first track under the new name, called Margot, didn't let me wait that long. It was already released in October 2014. It has the same dreamy, atmospheric vibe as some parts of White Lotus and the black metal drums were also there. So that track was very nice and from that moment it was waiting for more.

This wait took a bit longer, until a month ago. On September 4th, Désenchantée finally released more. It's a demo of four songs, including earlier mentioned track Margot, called Tristesse. While it's a bit short, clocking around 13 minutes, it's totally worth it.

Tristesse starts with Margot, so I already knew how it would begin.

At the moment Tristesse starts you immediately are feeling like you are in a different world. That world would be a kind of dreamy world, because while there are also heavier parts on Tristesse, it has that dreamy, atmospheric vibe for the whole time. At some parts, maybe you'll think whether you are listening to an ambient album or a metal album. Of course, it can be a combination, but in fact it doesn't really matter. What matters is that Tristesse is a very nice demo which keeps your attention.

This is music you won't hear very often, so I recommend you to check it for sure. Especially when you are a fan of the more ambient, experimental or atmospheric kinds of metal, you can't miss this!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

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