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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review: Chiral - Gazing Light Eternity

The first moment I heard the atmospheric black metal Chiral played, which was when I was reviewing Abisso (here), I immediately loved it. This one-man-band from Italy was doing a really nice job. In the meantime, I also interviewed Teo (the mastermind of Chiral) here and reviewed his split with HaatE (here), the split with Nebel Über Den Urnenfeldern and Eternal Spell (here) and his own release Snow/Heritage (here). All of them were really great releases and now his 3rd full-length album Gazing Light Eternity is upcoming. Already released some very nice pieces of music, so I wonder if it’s possible for Gazing Light Eternity to overtop that. Time to listen!

Sit down, put on your headphones and start to enter the world of Chiral’s Gazing Light Eternity. From the moment it starts you will be escaped from the real world and thrown into this world. A world which feels like a dream. A dream which is perfect in all ways, but there is always one negative point about perfect dreams: they are always over too soon. While Gazing Light Eternity has a length of 40 minutes it’s also over too soon. But, to be honest, I think that would also be the case when it was longer.

The music has its dreamier parts as well as its heavier parts, but the dreamy, atmospheric vibe will always stay, even in the heavier parts. There are a lot of variations in the details of the music, which makes it even more interesting to listen to.

It doesn’t matter whether it is heavy atmospheric black metal or more something like acoustic folk with spoken word on it, it can both be found on Gazing Light Eternity and Chiral made it fit each other very well.

He takes care of your dream which started on the first note and makes sure it won’t be ended earlier than the last note.

I already knew that Teo Chiral was a great musician who could make a lot of great music, but you can hear that he keeps getting better in it.

To come back at me wondering if it is possible for Gazing Light Eternity to overtop its predecessors: It sure is possible and it sure as hell does overtop them. Wow, what an album!

Be sure to check this out and keep an eye on more music coming from Chiral.

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

Chiral Official Website
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