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Monday, October 24, 2016

Review: Betrayal - Infinite Circles

All of the sub genres of extreme metal have had some critical moments in them when they started to be boring and repetitive, and death metal is no exception. Betrayal won't blow your mind with some crazy technical, blistering riffs or super fast blast beats at 300 BPM, but even with all that considered Betrayal is a great band, and this album is a great feat of recording and song writing.

To begin with, the album starts with a more atmospheric track not really giving a hint at what is coming after it. The following tracks are pure greatness made into songs. The songs are fast but not too fast, they have some acoustic breaks or endings, melodic riffs, great grooves and some great neoclassical shredding and masterful solos. The recording quality is superb, the vocals are not too high in the mix, the guitar is mixed well as to not be over-dominant in the mix, and the bass is a great filler in the riffs. But the drums are what set this album apart for me. The drum sounds is perfect. The drums are not clicky, and have a more than acceptable sound to them. The bass drum is perfect for the record, as I can't tell if there was a trigger involved or it is just the natural sound of the bass drum.

All in all, this album is by far the best I have heard in a long time so far, and I predict a great future for both the album and the band in the future, I give it a 10/10.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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