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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Review: Aanod - Yesterday Comes Tomorrow

Powerful stuff. I can’t even class this as any death/gloom/doom/boom/industrial metal. A great original piece reminding me of Fear Factory, their 2016 work falls in with the rest of my favourites of good gutterals, shredding guitars, pounding bass and death pounding drums. This is just simply a great compilation of humans.

‘Gambler’ resonates with me and D.N.A has a very interesting rhythm change and vocals at about 2:03; it sounds like a mandolin??? Very cool if it is! The changes in the song are very good and resonate progressive rhythms, which is what I hope they were going for.

The scintillating intro to ‘Resource’ captures one immediately and with the sudden grinding guitars and deep, frenetic vox, this is simply great to listen to. The changes at 01:54 make me listen to this over and over. A good finish to the song as well, showing these lads as having some great influences in writing and overall, excellent writing ability.

I don’t know if it’s the production or he intent to make the song ‘Pariah’ sound more tinny than the others, hence making it, well, a pariah from the others. It isn’t a bad song, but somewhat hurtful to my stirrups. The bass and guitar work at 01:40 is cool and intricate. This is a nice longer song at 4:25.

‘Starvation’ and ‘Cubes’ are both on par with each other and exhibit advanced playing that is making my neighbors nervous. Great changes and other turnovers make these songs perfect for a gloomy, rainy day on the balcony with hot toddy’s. So I sit in the rain and drink and listen to metal, so what? I’m not hurting anyone; let me do my thing!

Favourite: the last song ‘Crafting’. Wow. Brilliant work and lovely, moody mid-section at 01:58 and onwards. The lead in and riffs at 02:47 are hair raising and really show these boys’ playing ability. This group needs to blow us away with some live concerts; I’m excited to see their stage and effects.


Written by Alessandro

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