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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Interview: Nothing Lies Beyond

In June this year Israeli melodeath combo Nothing Lies Beyond released Fragile Reality. DutchMetalManiac’s Julia Obenauer already reviewed it here. Now she asks them some questions and drummer Ariel takes care of the answers. Read it below.

Hey guys! Thank you for doing this interview with DutchMetalManiac. Could you briefly introduce your band?

Hey, thanks for the opportunity first of all!

So, we are Nothing Lies Beyond, a melodic death metal band from Israel.

The band has existed since the end of 2011 approximately but during that time until now we have changed the line-up of the band a few times, that was the reason it took us almost four years to decide and to record our debut album ‘’Fragile Reality’’.

During the time, we performed across the country and also we were the opening act for band’s like Dark Tranquillity and Children of Bodom in their shows in Israel.

How was the band formed? Did you know each other before?

The band was formed over the Internet actually.

Guy (who was the other co-founder of the band) and I met online in a forum for band members. We started talking and found out that we have the same taste in music and that we are basically looking for the same thing, so we met with some other guys that we knew already and we had our first rehearsal (which didn’t go so well because we weren't prepared and also from a personal view, I just started playing the drums so it was very hard to be able to play together). From that point, Guy and I decided to continue talking despite the first rehearsal and we found the other band members through the online forums for artists or through our personal friends.

How did you come up with the band name?

The band name was taken from our really early period, when we played more alternative rock than metal or death metal. We had a quiet song called "Acceptance" and one of the lines was "Nothing Lies Beyond "…So in the beginning we searched for a cool band name and we settled on the name "Hemera" which sounds cool and had a great meaning, but after several months we found out on Facebook that there is already a band with that name in Germany I think, so we had to change the name.

We played that song "Acceptance" in one of the rehearsals and we stopped in the middle and started discussing about the line that I mentioned before, I don’t remember exactly who brought up the idea to use that line as our name, but we thought it sounded good enough and started using that name.

Let’s talk about your album, “Fragile Reality”. It got really good reviews so far, and I personally loved it as well, especially the tightness of the songs and the mixing. How did you guys approach the songwriting and the recording?

Yeah, so the album has received only good reviews until now, also in magazines like "Metal Hammer UK" and "Terrorizer" so we are really happy about that and to know that people like our music.

Regarding the approach to the recordings process, actually all the songs were written already before we started recording, but we did some minor changes in some songs during the recording with the help of our amazing producer Alex Zvulun who helped us a lot (and also recorded, mixed and did the master for the whole album with Vitally Zvulun).

I think that the recording process is an amazing thing that lets you actually learn from your mistakes and makes you a better player. For all of us it was new and was the first time we recorded so I think we will remember that process for the rest of our lives.

How long did it take it to get the whole album done?

I think it took us about 10-11 months from the first day of drum recordings until we got back the album mixed and mastered. It took some time to record it because it was our first time recording, so some parts needed extra time until we finished recording them and until everything was tight enough. But the final result was amazing in our opinion.

Which band(s) inspires you and your songwriting?

The bands that inspire us mainly are the Swedish melodic death metal bands like At the Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity.

I think that most of the people that heard the album, can relate our music to the 90's scene in Sweden in terms of the music. But I do think that we took a big inspiration from those bands and that era and added a more modern touch, it's in the breakdowns and some of the riffs in the songs, and also in the production.

In our personal lives, we are hearing different styles in music (on our old line up that recorded the album), that can move from pop and electronic styles and also death and black metal…so we also tried to put a little bit of each others personal style into the music that we made.

Israel has an active metal scene – but still, I find that most people are astonished if a metal band is from Israel. What’s your opinion on the metal scene in your home country? Any bands you are really into at the moment?

The Israeli metal scene isn’t big, and due to our "reputation" in the global media, I can understand why people are astonished that there is active metal scene over here.

I think that the big names that came from here are obviously "Orphaned Land" that are doing an amazing job , also there are "Betzefer" and in the last years also "Ferium" and "Shredhead" and I really respect them for the fact that they came from here and made an international name for themselves.

You need to keep in mind that the country itself is not so big (you can get from the north to the south in about 8-9hr drive max), so there isn't so many places to perform in and also because of the variety of bands there performing, you could have 2-3 gigs in one night in one city (there are mainly two cities that are active – Tel Aviv and Haifa), so it's also a problem, but I think that we try and help each other.

I saw that you are going to play back home in Israel in October. Are you planning / doing a tour to support your album in Europe?

Yeah! We are going back on stage on October 20th and also in the end of November and we will probably book another two gigs in Israel until the end of January.

Regarding a tour in Europe, that's a thing that we are really looking forward to and maybe we will do a big tour in the next summer with other friends of ours from the UK, we are thinking about it now and there were talks even about India… so it's going to be really big and something that if it will go as plan, will be something amazing for us.

Any of the greatest and/or most bizarre moments on or off stage you feel like sharing?

I think that both my personal greatest and most bizarre moment happened in the same evening. It was our show with Dark Tranquillity in a big festival with really good and big bands from Israel, and our first time in a big venue next to those big bands.

It's my personal greatest moment until now, and I remember that Guy and I were really nervous before going up on stage, and the venue was next to the beach…

So we decided to go for a small run on the beach 30 minutes before going up to perform.

Actually it really helped with the stress, but when we got back, we were really tired (at least I was), so I was afraid I will make mistakes on our songs due to the fact that my hands and legs were drained. After all it was a really great show and the crowd was amazing.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

I want to thank you for the opportunity, keep supporting your local bands and also the international bands, because even a little good feedback will make us artists smile and keep going.

You can purchase our album only on our BandCamp account and let us know what you think.

Thank you for doing the interview!

Nothing Lies Beyond Facebook

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