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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: Warfect - Scavengers

Warfect is a band hailing from Sweden’s Uddevalla.

Starting their musical journey back in 2003 as Incoma and released 2 demos “Beyond control” and “In command” in 2006 & 2007. Changed their name in 2008 and after releasing 2 albums and one demo we’re finally served with their latest offering titled “Scavengers”.

Their style can simply be described as in your face thrash. I must admit that when I saw the cover (courtesy of mr. Andrei Buzikov who has worked with the likes of Autopsy, Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch just to mention a few) I was a little turned off since I never connected with his covers for Municipal Waste, but then again, you can’t judge a book by its cover right?

The whole thrash resurgence since the early 00s has left me with mixed emotions. At times you get some really cool bands like Havok, Hatesphere or the thrash/death masters Revocation but other times you just get boring uninspired music that just slurs around fast paced rhythms & riffs but losses all substance.

Thankfully, Warfect doesn’t fit in the 2nd category. These guys play furious and aggressive music that takes no prisoners. Musicianship is in seminar levels. Fantastic rhythm section from both Kristian Martinsson (bass) and Manne Flood (drums) and a killer performance from singer/guitarist Fredrik Wester who used to play with the blacksters Lord Belial. His vocals fall somewhere between Kreator’s Mile Petrozza and Schmier’s from Destruction (minus the high pitched singing). But as a guitarist is really when this guy shines and takes the spotlight. Great and technical paced riffing along with screaming leads give a killer performance.

Of course it wouldn’t make sense for “Scavengers” to rely only on good musical skills. Warfect knows to write headbanging tunes and this what matters when you serve this particular genre in the bottom line. Yet these guys have taken this a step further by incorporating a lot of atmosphere in their songs. That doesn’t mean they fuse various musical styles, on the contrary: they simply rely on their own skills in order to do that. This is more than evident throughout the entire album’s length since almost all songs exceed the 4 minute mark like they do in “Skin bound” or “Evil Inn”.

For some reason while listening to “Scavengers”, I got a feeling that Warfect could well be the continuation of Nuclear Assault’s after their “Game Over”, “Survive” and “Handle with Care” era. The emotions of Warfect’s music are kind of similar but let’s not forget that this is a Swedish band so naturally carries influences from bands like Kreator, Destruction and generally the European style that sets it apart from the sound of US bands.

I decided to leave my comments for the production/mixing of the album for last. Both of these are courtesy of Fredrik Wester again. The result is a fucking wall of sound that doesn’t fall in the trap of only being crisp and modern but at the same time retains the warmth and human factor of albums as they were done back in the mid ‘80s like Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning”. Truly remarkable work!

Warfect’s return is a stellar one, and thrashers should definitely open their eyes and ears and check these guys out, if you ‘re searching for a great new band this is it!

Written by Manos Xanthakis

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