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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: Staìlinn Drakk - Raise Your Sword

The self-released EP made by the heroic power metal band called Staìlinn Drakk, a perfect combination of happy tunes with powerful music. The EP called ‘Raise Your Sword’ begins with the song named after the EP (or the EP after the song), Raise Your Sword. Starting with quite heavy drums combined with melodic keys (trumpets) already shows you you’ve stepped into the world of power metal. As the song progresses, you’ll be able to find yourself willing to unsheathe your own sword and charge into the battlefield, clashing against your enemies. But also you’ll notice the more serene part in the song, with symphonic sounds to ease the listening a bit, which will also turn into the more heavy stuff after a little while.

It’s not weird if you have heard this kind of music before. It’s easy to compare the music with bands such as Gloryhammer, Twilight Force, Blind Guardian and more. It’s typical power metal, but also got their own touch to the music. Lots of trumpets to be heard in the songs combined with the epic lyrics and other musical features. And just like most of the power metal albums, dragons can never be excluded. As the song Dragonriders can show, Staìlinn Drakk did not exclude them either! Again, you’ll be able to find yourself in a battle, fighting against your worst enemies in the name of your king.

Also to be mentioned, they made a power metal cover of the song Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cyrus. I personally do not like the original song, but this cover made me reconsider the fact that metal can make any pop song good.

My end conclusion about this EP is:

Good and powerful sounds combined with epic lyrics, for whenever you just want to fantasize yourself into huge battlefields against the evil opponents. Only thing is that the EP does not provide the ears a song of rest what would be good for the ears because of the continued epic sounds. I give this EP an 8/10.

Ps. Below you can hear their song Through the Sky.

Written by Jasper Bohte

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