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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Review: Snakewine - Serpent Kings

From the opening chords of ‘Breathtaker’ these four guys sound like there’s more than that playing. A loud, full sound, they have me hooked. I am reminded of “Rogue Male” lyric and music style. These people like to play music and have Boston, Foghat, Foreigner and UFO mixed in there. How can you not listen? Old school riffs tear it up all the way through.

‘Sonavagun’ is absolute FUN! Heavy crunchers yet melodic and followable. ChugA-ChugA-ChugA! is this song. I can hear the lyrics and it is not Rush intellect–wise but it hops all around and is well ranked in the hard rock genre. Maybe some Southern in there? Molly Hatchet? I dunno, what do you think, please write in and scream about these guys.

Love ‘Brood of Vipers’…Solid metal and reminiscent of Maiden and Loudness, actually. Great song all through. . Makes me want to throw shit off my balcony and holler like Bill Bixby undergoing a change. Some great guitar work in here that shows these people’s skills. We need more!

‘Mean Machine’ easily my fave song. Easily. Hard. Heavy. Pounding. Makes my plants vibrate at the appropriate volume.

‘Serpent King’ is…amazing. I like it so much that I’m going to listen to it eating beer and ice cream. Raven and other influences make this THE thing to listen to when the relatives are over and you need to tune out. Power chords and thunder-bass make this a must for any Power Metal collection. This has a flare of Southern rock and overall power tone; it is simply put; great to listen to.

If Southern didn’t convince you listen to ‘Double Barreled’ you need to get some background. Ultra cool vibes and will be mostly hated by all hardcore Death, etc., metallers if you actually want to hear the lyrics. How it cuts into fast-ass rock at 1:13 is the best, and the ultra-cool Southern Slide from about 2:40 onward is killer! This song belongs on your “Fast Road” mixtape.

‘The Devil You Know’ is great! A short song, it features just some old fashioned rock, heavy guitar crunch and backbeat pounds also gets this onto “Fast Road" mixtape. This is solid work from these folks all around here, and some great WAH-work in the latter part of the tune.

‘Shipwrecked’ is a solid ‘good’ for me and is well placed at the end of the record as I don’t see it being a topper but is a part of their catalogue and would serve them well in the future.


Written by Alessandro

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