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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review: Kayser - IV: Beyond The Reef Of Sanity

First thing that I thought when I put on this album was: ‘’wow, the singer has a similarity to Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)’’, but as soon as first song was done and the next was starting, I already heard the singer is very versatile.

Kayser plays Thrash metal in a traditional 80's style comparable to the bay area Thrash genre.

But they are not weak to play also some modern style.

First song is a thrasher, from start to end it almost fully thrashes your brains out.

But during the second song, they start to mix in more modern(mostly in chorus) melody.

First thing I thought of when I heard the chorus of the second track “Asphalt and suicide” was In Flames on their modern albums. At least there is a similarity to the vocal ways and also musically. But then the rest of this song is full thrash, so it is a mix of Thrash metal with the modern chorus ways of other bands as In Flames, but also Soilwork.

For me it works.

I was very surprised with it and these more melodic parts bring some interesting and challenging song writing for the band.

Most of the times these more melodic choruses are followed by a large flashy speedy solo, or more than one solo are often played too.

This is an album that could keep me listening all the way to the end without really losing my attention, even though at the later songs my focus began to fade sometimes. Not ‘cause it is bad, not at all, play the track from last to first and it happened too.

The reason is that it all is the same.

Songs are built up same way, not with the same melody, but same musical architecture of thrashy intro, singing, chorus, singing, 2x chorus, solos, then again a chorus or 2 times.

That is traditional music writing, but this music now and then could have used a little surprise.

But overall great album, with a few highlights on it, namely the title track “beyond the reef of sanity” for its nice thrashy sound and the previous named “Asphalt and Suicide”.

These tracks represent perfectly the rest of the tracks. Well played thrash metal with some well used modern influence.

For fans of thrash metal with influence that sound like modern In Flames, I say: go get this album!

Also for fans of the modern In Flames genre this album could be interesting cause it sounds more traditional but then with these modern influence.

For me this album would be rated 80/100 ‘cause it is played great but misses a little magic, something that could bring the music into surprise now and then.

But overall a great album and a worthy addition to a 'thrash metal collectors' collection.

Written by Maurice Hermans

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